Department Overview




The department of Clinical Sciences is structured to include the Pre-Clinical Division which has three disciplines (pathology, microbiology, and pharmacology), and the Clinical Division which covers Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynecology. The faculty is made up of full time, part-time (in the college of medicine), and adjunct clinical faculties in different hospitals


Medical education and training: The College follows a highly integrated, problem based and student-centered learning curriculum (PBL system). Students are exposed to clinical scenarios from the very first week in year 1. The department overlooks the clinical training in the clinical phase of year 4 and 5. In the PBL system of teaching, there is integration of basic science and clinical science knowledge. The department gives more emphasis on applied clinical bedside teaching rather than theoretical teaching or lectures. 


Research: All the faculty members are actively involved in various research activities within their respective field of interest. They regularly publish the research communications in reputed medical journals and present in national and international level meetings. Many faculty members are invited by other institutes to deliver guest lectures, as examiners and to conduct workshops. 


Community services: All the Faculty members of the department are involved in providing consultancy in clinical medicine, diagnostic microbiology & infectious diseases and clinical pathology services to the Ministry of Health hospitals and University hospital. Faculty members are regularly invited to deliver public lectures on various health related issues locally and internationally. All efforts are made to educate and improve the health-care services in our community.