Chair's Welcome
​​​Welcome to Department of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS). The department aims at providing excellent medical education in different basic Medical sciences. Faculty members of our department are experts in areas of Human Biology,  Anatomy, Physiology ,Biochemistry, Genetics and Pharmacology. A number of our faculty members are enthusiastic medical educators who received Master degrees in Leadership in Health Care Profession Education; in addition to their PhD’s in the fields of specialty.

Many faculty members in the BMS department are interested in scientific research; they are either principle investigators or co-investigators in UoS- and externally-funded studies. Many supervise laboratory- and community-based student research projects. Some supervise postgraduate students.

Integration of basic sciences and clinical medicine is a keynote of our educational program. The first three years' curriculum (pre-clinical) is delivered through problem-based learning to small groups of students. Practical and Clinical sessions are well tailored in the curriculum to enable the students acquiring skills and attitudes of tomorrow’s physicians from year 1 on; with adequate understanding of the community needs. Our faculty members also participate in postgraduate courses.

One of our main goals is to enhance students’ abilities as self-directed and life-long learners who cope with the tremendous rate of advancement in life sciences. We are a team of educators and researchers pursuing excellence in teaching and research.

Dr. Maha M. Saber Ayad, MBBS, PhD (Pharmacology), FRCP (Edin.)
Acting Head, Basic Medical Sciences Department​