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"I completed both my Bachelor (2005) and master (2011) degrees in Law from the College of Law /Sharjah University. In both programs, I was provided with first class education based on teaching plans  that focused on both therotical and practical aspects of the law.

This was made possible because of the highly qualified academic staff who helped me in shaping my Iegal and administrative skills which was reflected in my performance of  my work as a financial and administrative coordinator."

Abed Al Baqi Mohammed Al Faqi Ahmad 
Financial and Administrative Coordinator
Faculty of sharia and Islamic Studies

"The way I think as a researcher was highly enhanced by studying at the College of Law,  Sharjah University. This was made possible through plans at the faculty that focus on both theoretical and practical aspects of law . This surely prepares students to easily join the work force and enables them to do their jobs effectively."

Ahmed Ghanem AlShamsi.

  " The College of Law played an important role in my professional development. I acquired the necessary skills by taking several courses that fit into my career objectives. The College has excellent faculty members who helped me throughout my years of studying. Now that I am an employee at the Public Prosecution Office in Dubai, I must say that I benefited from the courses I studied and the research activities that I undertook. In my office, I run across many graduates of the College of Law who now are my colleagues. I am eager to enroll in the College again as a graduate student.  I am indebted forever the College of Law and its staff." 

Marwan Jasim Ibrahim
Public Prosecution Office, Dubai 

"I was honoured to study Law in Sharjah University school of Law, where I got my LLB and afterwards I joined the LLM in Private Law Programme, while I was still working on my degree. After graduation in 2007 I worked as a lawyer. The distinguished teaching I received while studying at Sharjah University Law School in the hands of the well educated professors in different Legal disciplines, both practical and theoretical, helped me succeed in my career. In 2011 I was awarded the distinguished lawyer award from Dubai Courts. This accomplishment is owed First to Allah, and then to my Law School in Sharjah University, and according to the distinguished teaching methods and the curriculum in this School, which encouraged Co-operative teaching along with providing students with higher levels of thinking and knowledge."

Iman Arrifai
An Emarati Lawyer
Acurrent Student in LLM Programme

"After the completion of the Bachelor degree in law from Sharjah University, I was  keen to pursue my Master degree at the same faculty. As a Public Law postgraduate student, I was able to gain various Iegal skills through comprehensive and modern teaching methods conducted by the experienced academic staff. As a result, I strongly encourage students who are keen to pursue their legal studies to join the College of Law at Sharjah University as it provides the best learning experience."

Layla Sartawi
Legal Research and MA student/Department of Public Law