Chair's Welcome
The Mass Communication department at the Faculty of Communication, University of Sharjah exerts distinguished scientific and practical effort in the field of media studies through contemporary academic programs at the bachelor and master degree levels. It has a scientific vision that aims at raising a generation of journalists, who are capable of participating effectively in building the nation and enriching the field of media through their experiences and skills acquired from their study and their ability to deal with information technology and communications as well as their commitment towards the ethics of mass media career. They are also capable of competing on the regional level, conducting scientific researche related to priorities of the society and contributing to developing media corporations through providing consultations and training programs.

 The Mass Communication department gives great consideration to the academic programs update since this update is considered one of the strategic frameworks, which must be highlighted in the age of digital communication. From this perspective, updating academic programs is considered a permanent policy adopted by the department as well as the partnership relations with media corporations in and outside the country through training programs received by students of this department at those corporations, which enable them to become the field partner in both training and qualification processes.   

The department depends on a distinguished base of the teaching community members, who obtained their certificates from the most superior Arab and global universities, as well as distinguished trained technicians and developed capabilities in all fields. The department includes several modern and developed TV and broadcasting studios as well as graphic designing, multimedia and press release laboratories.


Dr. Fa​wzeya Al- Ali.

Head of Mass Communication Section / Faculty of Communication,