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Mass Communication Program In English (BA)
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Chair's Welcome
Welcome to the Mass Communication Program in English (MCE).

Mass communication plays an influential role in the modern society of the 21st century when the world is witnessing a remarkable and unprecedented explosion in communication technology and media. Therefore, mass communication, as a stream of study, and as a career, has become important and attractive.

 Our mission is to provide distinguished education and advanced training skills in the Mass Communication field and equips its graduates with the knowledge, tools, and skills to compete at both national and regional levels. In that direction, the program empowers students with media knowledge, critical thinking, and most importantly, understanding media issues in their socio-economic and global contexts, as well as skills necessary to work and compete in an advanced technological and global environment. Also, the program allows students to develop interest in certain areas of specializations through their graduation project. 

 The MCE program includes both theoretical and practical learning approaches. During their studies, students can use the latest facilities as broadcast studios, desktop publishing labs and multimedia labs and other instructional facilities that meet international standards in the field.

Because of the diverse nature of the program, graduates have many career opportunities in public and private media companies in the UAE or abroad. Program graduates may work in TV and radio stations in careers such as media writing, video shooting and editing, directing, or program hosting. They may also work in newspapers, magazines, and advertising agencies in careers such as graphic and layout design or web design. Program graduates may work in public relations sections in any public or private company as well.

 We show respect to our students, and we care about their needs and opinions. Sometimes the words of the students may be stronger than the words of their professors. Let me quote some of our students who answered the question: "Why did I choose the Mass Communication program in English?"

Lina Nasser: "This major enables you to be connected with the world"
"Mass Communication English Program is a major with a lot of variety and thus a lot of opportunities for work after graduation. I can work in just about every field related to media and with all the business courses required for the program, I can even work in a company as their "Head of Public Relations" or as a "Communications Manager". This major enables you to stay connected, to know the goings on at the University, the country and the world".

 Nariman Kaplan: "Mass communication brings life to your life"
"Mass communication is a way of expressing your opinion. You can express what you want not only by words, but graphics, videos, or any other medium. Mass communication brings life to your life, everything new, and refreshes your thoughts."

Talal Derbas: "Different opportunities when it comes to getting job"
"Mass Communication program offers many different options for a person; it opens doors for a career in films & TV, publishing, public relations, journalism, editing, direction, filmmaking, scriptwriting, production. Mass Communication is not limited on a certain aspect. What interested me most about mass media is that it's a modern reality which covers all aspects of human life."
Maryam Ahmad: "Now I can understand mass media"
"Upon graduating from high school in 2014, I heard about the great Mass Communication program in English offered at the University of Sharjah and I decided to apply to it. After visiting the university for the first time and entering the communication building, I realized that I want to study here. I didn't have any background information about communication or journalism but now I understand mass media even better. I learned so much in class and I realized that I started applying what I learned outside of the classroom.

Shehadeh Abulibdeh: "People should do what they love the most in life"
"Many TV presenters were one of the reasons why I became interested in this major. What I like about such presenters is that they try to highlight various social, economic, political, and art-related causes and events; they try to discuss problems that people face in their life. Working in Mass Communication would definitely be the job I'd enjoy mostly, which would empower my abilities to be creative, confident, happy and successful. After all, people should do what they love the most in life."

We warmly invite you to join the Mass Communication program in English on mutual satisfaction. Knowledge is strength!