​The College is currently active in implementing a new vision which will give the College a global position in the field of broadcasting.  The new vision involves tenets of quality, effectiveness, bilingualism, serving the community and universalism. Recently, the College signed two memorandums of understanding with Sharjah TV and DM-TV whereby the College cooperates with the channels to produce joint TV programs in the form of talk shows to discuss social issues of major concern to the community. The College also has established two independent centers to focus on media research and media production:  Public Awareness Research Center (PARC) and Media Production Center (MPC) for the purpose of providing knowledge, data and other media services to different institutions in the country.

Finally, the College provides enriching experience for students who have the interest and motivation to become professionals, researchers and leaders in the field of media and public relations.

The College of Communication is committed to providing its students with academic and professional experience of the highest standards and to provide comprehensive and specialized programs in the field of media and communication. The College seeks to prepare excellent graduates on personal, social, academic, and professional grounds. The College is committed to contribute to the development of society in line with the values, heritage and culture of the Arab and Muslim community, while striving for the development of media education and research in the Emirate of Sharjah and the UAE with regional and global outreach.​
​​The College of Communication strives to achieve the following goals:

·     To provide students with educational knowledge in the field of communication sciences and media, according to the highest levels of quality in journalism and radio and television (electronic media),   graphic design and multimedia and public relations.

·     To prepare qualified media professionals who can play a part in different executive and professional careers in several media institutions such as newspapers, radio and television, and PR departments in private and government institutions.

·     To develop media studies through scientific research collaboration and cooperation with universities and academic institutions in the UAE and at the regional and international levels.

·     To contribute to the cultural and social progress of the community by responding to its needs through effective partnership with media organizations, public relations departments, and the establishment of specialized research centers and scientific associations that aims to market the college's academic and research services for  mutual benefits.

·     To preserve and emphasize the Arab and Islamic culture and community's ethics in all of the tasks undertaken by the College, whether at the level of teaching or scientific research or community service.

·     To provide students with knowledge and skills of media profession codes ethics and laws in the areas of press, radio and television, and public relations.

·     To raise the quality of media education by developing cooperation with other higher education institutions and the adoption of best practices in teaching and learning, and establishing cooperation agreements with distinguished Western universities in the field of communication science and media.

·     To develop the qualifications and skills of college graduates to keep abreast of developments in the local, regional and international levels by linking the college's programs with the market's needs and through programs of continuous education and training..