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Vision and Beyond

Soaring to the new heights will require unwavering commitment by all to:
one team, one voice, and one purpose.

The University of Sharjah strives to be among the most reputable and comprehensive universities in the Middle East and internationally. The University will maintain excellence in teaching and learning, research, and sustainable academic programs that provide quality services to the community and contribute to the well-being of society.

The University of Sharjah fosters a culture of critical inquiry in a diverse learning environment which leads to the discovery, creation, and dissemination of knowledge. The University is committed to providing its students with an education and life-long learning experience of the highest quality through the provision of a comprehensive platform of excellent academic and professional programs, promoting creativity, innovation in research and scholarship, and enhancing the personal, social, academic, and career development of all students. The university serves the socio-cultural and economic needs of the community and the society in the UAE and beyond.

Core Values
The University of Sharjah endeavors to achieve its mission through the following set of core values which define its character and culture
  • Ethical and civic responsibility in accordance with progressive Arab and Islamic ideals
  • Highest standards of integrity, transparency and accountability
  • Mutual respect, fairness and collegiality among all
  • Freedom of intellectual thought and expressions
The University shall strive to achieve the following goals:
  • Advance scientific research and scholarship at UOS to an international level
  • Develop the necessary state-of-the-art infrastructure needed for research
  • Expand graduate studies programs to establish more relevant specialties and higher degrees of international quality
  • Promote excellence in teaching, with state of the art infrastructure, through enhancing learning for all academic programs, including extra-curricular activities
  • Recruit and retain talented and diverse students, scholars and staff and create the proper environment to nurture innovation, creativity, and the pursuit of knowledge
  • Promote the personal, social, academic and career growth of all students in a proactive manner to prepare them to be leaders in their chosen professions
  • Forge strategic partnerships with the local community, including the public service industry in order to be responsive to the socio-economic needs of the community through dedicated applied research
  • Contribute to the socio-cultural, scientific and economic progress of society through social responsiveness and effective engagement
  • Leverage relationships with alumni to advance the University's mission
  • Develop effective and efficient academic and administrative processes that promote and support excellence in teaching, research and service to the community​​
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