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Deanship of Student Affairs- Women
Counseling and Psychological Services Section
CPS section is an essential section of the Deanship of Female Student Affairs. This section’s task is enhancing female student abilities and helping female students achieve personal development. This task, if achieved successfully, contributes to the improvement of academic performance and solves the problems that badly affect the educational process. CPS section is interested in making female students be aware of the importance of the counseling services destined to support them in overcoming any problems they might encounter. This section pays attention to the social-psychological harmony of the students as it has a relationship to the academic performance and achieving success. Through this section, female students receive expert advice to be able to lessen any possible pressures that might haunt them during their life at the University and in the future.

CPS section’s services are available to all female students at all UOS colleges. Services are delivered in multiple forms. There are individual and group counseling sessions, training courses, workshops and lectures. These activities cover areas of concern including adjusting to university life, interpersonal skills, decision making, time management strategies, good studying habits, getting prepared for exams and many other topics that help in developing student personality and ability. This section takes part in many internal and external activities that are relevant to the section’s duties and of assistance to achieving its goals and vision.  

CPS section formed the Friends Committee for Student Counseling which aims at realizing a number of UOS Strategic Plan-derived objectives. Various activities supporting the teaching and learning process and providing interaction opportunities for students are encouraged by the strategic plan. The committee assumes the responsibility of promoting the services of CPS section in order to reach as many female students as possible.

CPS section enjoys qualified and reliable specialists who deal with student issues consciously and professionally where confidentiality is of paramount importance.

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