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Deanship of Student Affairs- Men
Ushers, Scouts & Guides
The Voluntary Work Unit in the Deanship of Students’ Affairs aims at providing students with an atmosphere that is conducive to participation and contribution to voluntary activities that benefit the community through offering a variety of social services and activities. This Unit also contributes to the accomplishment of the mission of the Unit that focuses on rendering services to the University community and the local community as well. It also aims at training students to be productive, serious, loyal and hardworking in accordance with the values of Islam, for the ultimate purpose of developing and training community leaders who will be able to serve their country and nation.
Goals of  The Voluntary Unit :
  • Developing the sense of responsibility among students towards their university and the entire community,
  • Providing an appropriate atmosphere and support necessary for rendering  voluntary services and contributing to the various activities,
  • Offering training programs that aim at promoting students’ efficiency and enhancing their personalities in a way that qualifies them to effectively and constructively take part in voluntary activities of high quality.
  • Organizing  voluntary activities that serve the university and the local community,
  • Highlighting the role of the University of Sharjah in rendering services to the community.
In order to accomplish these goals, the Unit organizes a number of programs that suit and meet the needs of all students through the University of Sharjah Rovers  for males and The Female Students’ Guides. The Boys’ Scouts and The Girls’ Guides participate in the various activities at the local, regional and international levels. 
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