• The joint Sharjah - Lubeck PhD program in Molecular Medicine

  • College of Business Administration achieves U.S AACSB accreditation

  • 2nd Sharjah International Conference on Islamic Economy

  • 3rd International Conference on Arab’s and Muslim’s History of Science

  • Sharjah 1st International Conference for Persons with Disabilities

Deanship of Student Affairs- Men

The Deanship of Student Affairs is an integrated educational and technical body that aims to provide quality services to the University's students. The Deanship takes an active interest in the ​social, cultural, physical and psychological affairs of students in order to enrich their university experience and educational process.


Vision of the Deanship of Student Affairs
We aspire to offer integrated and distinguished services to students in a transparent and dedicated manner that encourages students to be active, express themselves and get the most out of their University experience
Goals of the Deanship of Student Affairs
  • Creating a favorable atmosphere to attract students and enable them to develop their talents, skills and practical and educational experiences.
  • Encouraging students to strike a balance between academic requirements and their social, physical and psychological needs.
  • Creating contacts between UOS students and the community through contributing to community activities, events and institutions.
  • Strengthening our students' sense of belonging to the Arab and Islamic nation and building a generation that will be proud of their national identity.
  • Developing students' personalities and promoting their talents and skills in all aspects of life.
  • Promoting teamwork and volunteer work among students and encouraging them to make the most of their time.
  • Preparing the University's academic, cultural and sports teams to compete with those of other institutions.