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Deanship of Student Affairs- Men
Dean's Welcome

You are most welcome to the University of
Sharjah.The Deanship of Students' Affairs aims at establishing and maintaining communication with our university's students in order to share and exchange ideas and opinions in the spirit of teamwork and in light of the university regulations and laws. This is one of the major aims of the university because the students of today are the nation of tomorrow.
The Deanship of Students' Affairs is very much interested in establishing strong ties and relationships with our university's students in order to meet their needs and satisfy their wishes. Therefore, the Deanship welcomes any suggestions and proposals that may help in developing this Deanship and enhancing the quality of the services it offers. We would like you to know that we work together as members of one family in order to accomplish our major goal, which is manifest in merging ethics with knowledge for building educated, well-mannered individuals who reflect the values of their religion and behavior of their community.
The University of Sharjah provides students with all possible facilities and services that promote the educational process, including study halls, laboratories, libraries, well-equipped dormitories and sports centers. In this respect, the University teams have won many competitions at the local and regional levels and we hope that our teams will eventually compete at the international level as well.
The Deanship of Students' Affairs strives to make life on campus enjoyable and useful through supporting student bodies such as student scouts that have participated in many local, regional and international activities, student clubs, student societies and the University Theater and Plastic Arts club. The Deanship of Students' Affairs also supports the Students Union for both males and females to help them maintain their interaction with the entire student body of the university students in order to identify their needs and satisfy them. The Deanship also supports the Students Union in organizing the University of Sharjah Student Conference which attracts thousands of students from the GCC countries. The Deanship also supports the student unions in organizing the Minorities Festival.
We are proud to be a part of the University of Sharjah, a truly distinguished educational institution. Your contribution and effective participation enable us to accomplish the university goals and mission. Welcome again to your university and god bless all of us to serve the University of Sharjah to take its place in the rank of the distinguished universities at the world level.​
Prof. Mahmoud Darabseh
Dean of Students' Affairs