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Deanship of Academic Support Services
Specialties and Responsibilities


  1. Supervising the operations of the 5 units
  2. Applying University of Sharjah's admission policies and regulations; handling new students' acceptances as well as internal and external transfer students' paperwork.
  3. Registering students in all specializations during the registration period as set in the University Calendar.
  4.  Preparing and issuing the University Calendar, course schedules, and final exam schedules.
  5. Preparing lists of students on probation, expelled students, and graduates; issuing graduation certificates and academic records.
  6. Supervising all software and information systems involved in the educational and administrative processes and libraries' operations.
  7. Continuously planning and evaluating the integration of information technology in academic and administrative operations; providing the University community with a comprehensive set of services via the university website.
  8. Preparing lists of equipment and devices in departments and computer labs; supervising the delivery, installation, and maintenance of hardware.
  9. Submitting all units' budget reports to the University Chancellor.
  10. Coordinating with the Vice Chancellor for Academic, Medical and Financial Affairs concerning each unit's capacities and operations.