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Prof. Abdallah I. Husein Malkawi
Prof. Abdallah I. Husein Malkawi, Professor of Geotechnical and Dam Engineering at Jordan University of Science and Technology, graduated from The University of Akron, Ohio, with a Ph.D. degree in Geotechnical Engineering, and Post-Doctorate from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State Univ. 

Prof. Malkawi has held many important administrative positions.  Currently he is the President of Jordan University of Science and Technology. Previously, he served as Vice President of the German Jordanian University, Vice President of Jordan University of Science and Technology, Dean of Scientific Research at Jordan University of Science and Technology. Currently, Prof. Malkawi is a member in the Advisory Board of the North African and Mediterranean Center (CANMRE), University of Tsukuba, Japan, Member of the Board of Trustees at the University of Sharjah UAE. Formerly Editors-in-Chief of the International Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering and member in the Editorial Board of the Geotechnical Testing Journal (ASTM), USA. 

 In addition, Prof. Malkawi serves as Consultant to many national and international agencies including Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC), SaudiConsult, Saudi Arabia on the DAMAD dam, Andriolo Ito Engenharia Ltda. Sao Carlos – SP – BRASIL, Government of Costa Rica, on the Pirrias Dam, 2004-2007 and Metolong RCC Dam, South Africa, Lesotho and to the World Bank for the Red Sea Dead Sea Canal. Furthermore, Prof. Malkawi is an active member in several committees at the national level including The Ministry of Water and Irrigation, head of the National Dams Committee in Jordan and the Royal Committee for Water Management.

1.      Education.
Post-Doctorate in Geotechnical Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State Univ. with Prof. James M. Duncan, Univ. Distinguished Prof. July, 1992 to Feb.,1993.

Doctor of Philosophy in Geotechnical Engineering: The University of Akron,  U.S.A., July 1992. Dissertation: "Determination of Wave Equation Soil-Pile Interaction Model Parameters Using In situ Testing Technique".

Masters of Science in Geotechnical Engineering: The University of Akron, U.S.A., January, 1990. Research: "Determination of Smith soil parameters".

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering/Geotechnical: Bucharest Institute of Technology, June 1986. 

2.      Current Position.
Jordan University pf Science and Technology
Professor of Geotechnical and Dam Engineering