• A range of on-site facilities including banking, telecommunication, food courts, student centers & sport centers

  • Offers modern state of the Art facilities for study & research in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, health sciences

  • The joint Sharjah - Lubeck PhD program in Molecular Medicine

  • 2nd Sharjah International Conference on Islamic Economy

  • 3rd International Conference on Arab’s and Muslim’s History of Science

  • Sharjah 1st International Conference for Persons with Disabilities

Mr. Mohammed Abdallah
Mr. Mohammed Abdallah is the Chief Executive Officer of Sharjah Islamic Bank. He is an influential figure in the finance industry remarkably recognized  individually and also on behalf of the organization by prominent awards including Forbes International & Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, Union of Arab Banks; respectively among others.

He currently holds vital positions in various prominent institutions namely-
  • Member of the Board of Trustees & Chairman of Finance Committee – University of Sharjah
  • Board Member of Sharjah Establishment for supporting of pioneer projects (RUWAD)
  • Board member of Sharjah Equestrian Club
  • Deputy Chairman of ASAS Company
  • Deputy Chairman Sharjah National Hotels
  • And a few other vital positions