• Admission Open for Fall Semester 2019-2018

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  • 1st international conference of UOS branches

Office of the Chancellor
​​Name: Sameer Al Sheikh Houssain
Title: Consultant
Phone: 06-5050090
Email: alsheikh@sharjah.ac.ae
Name: Mohamed Ahmed Farajallah
Title: Administrative Assistant
Phone: 06-5050001
Email: Bo_saif@sharjah.ac.ae
Name: Ibrahim Sahaim
Title: Administrative Assistant
Phone: 06-5050007
Email: ibrahim@sharjah.ac.ae
Name: Fuad Alkhasawneh
Title: Translator
Phone: 06-5050079
Email: falkhasawneh@sharjah.ac.ae
Name: Alia Kamel
Title: Follow up Officer
Phone: 06-5050122
Email: asalim@sharjah.ac.ae
Name:  Ann Ainlay Chebbo
Title:  Arabic/English Translator
Phone:  06-5053009
Email: achebbo@sharjah.ac.ae
Contact Us:
Tel:  +971-6-5050001
Fax:  +971-6-5585185
P.O.Box: 27272 - Sharjah  - United arab Emirates  
Email:  uos@sharjah.ac.ae
Website:  www.sharjah.ac.ae