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Volume 14

Issue 1



Management Accounting Relevance: Practice, Variance and Current Research Agenda

Nizar Mohammed Alsharari

1-33  English

The Semiotics of Titling in the Poems of Yabous Collection by Ibrahim Mohamed Alwahch

Said Amouri

1-25 Arabic

The Degree of Practicing Contemporary Teaching Strategies among Teachers of Islamic Education in the Governorates of Gaza and its Ways of Development

Fayez  Kamal  Shaladan \ Hamed Naeem Alqedra

26-59  Arabic

The Role of the University in Developing the Values of Citizenship and their Representation by Students in Light of Globalization Challenges: a Field Study of a Sample of Students from Assiut and Sohag Universities

Hamdy Ahmed Omar Ali

60-94  Arabic

Sheikh Hasan Salamah's Resistance and his Martyrdom Between 1945 and 1948: An Oral Documentary Study

Jamal Muhammad Ibrahim

95-125  Arabic

The Kingdom of Judah between Destruction and Captivity in the Light of Biblical and Babylonian Narrations

Esam Kamal Mokhamar

126-146  Arabic

Personality Types among Delinquent and Non-Delinquent Juveniles with Hearing Disabilities and their Relationship to some Variables

Ihsan Igdaifan Al-Seraa

147-181  Arabic

The Factors that Affect Using E-banking Services Via the Internet from the Customers' Point of View: a Field Study in the Southern Region

Mohammad Ali khalil Alsmairat  / Raed Mohammad Aladaileh

182-200  Arabic

Arabic for Specific Purposes: Content and Objectives

Fatima Mohammed Amin Omari

201-225  Arabic

Eco-tourism in the Hail Region

Safa Soboh SababhI


Alternative Families in Jeddah City

Amal Suleiman Al-Somali

249-283 Arabic 

Coping with Stress Strategies and Their Relationship with the Psychological Security among a Sample of Intermediate and Secondary School Students with Visual Disabilities in Kuwait

Abdulnaser Abdulraheem Fakhro

284-315  Arabic

Trends of Scientific Social Research in the UAE in 25 Years: An Analytical Study of the Journal of Social Affairs (1984 – 2008)

Mohamed Salah Eldin Mohamed Mudawi

316-350  Arabic

Bruneian Students' Errors in Using the Definite and Indefinite Articles in Arabic Language: A Descriptive and an Analytical Study

Hajah Rafizah Haj Abdulla \ Basma Ahmed Sadqi

351-384  Arabic

Issue 2



The Criminal Responsibility of Ministers in the Saudi Constitutional System: A Comparison with Similar Systems in (Kuwait, Jordan and France)
Saud Falah Alharbi



Cosmetic Surgery and the Impact of the Husband’s Permission on its Legal Status
Shaikha Ahmed Al-Taffaq



The Components of the State of Mecca and Its Position in the International Community Before Islam: An Analytical study of the Arab System of Government in the Structure of International Law
Jassim Mohammed Zakariya



Agency Contract in Investing in international Murabaha: a Jurisprudential Study
Salman Daeej Boussaid \ Amin Ahmed Al-Nahari



Copyright in Islamic Sharia: a Comparative Study with UAE Copyright Law
Ahmed Mohammed Al-Chihhi



The Prophet’s Approach in Promoting Positive Behavior Towards the  Environment
Adel Abdul Rashid Abdul Razzeq



Quranic Readings and Presumptive Significance: A Theological Study
Anas Ahmad Moazzen



Abd-AlRahman Habannaka’s Interpretation Rules
Asma AbdulRahman Zaeter \ Nusar Asaad Nusar



The Concept of (Ummah’s Reception of Hadith with Acceptance) in Hadith Criticism
Mohammad Mokhtar Derar Al-Mofti



The Effect of the Principle of Legality on the Authenticity of Penal Evidence in Algerian Law
Abdelkader Kamel Bekkadar \ Mohammed Nour Eddinne Abdessalam



The Legal System of Mobile Payment in Jordanian Legislation
Alaeddine Abdulla Al-Khasawnah



The Legal Status of Algerian Women in the Constitution, International Conventions and Islamic Law
Dalila Mohamed Berraf \ Ridha Abd El Hamid Deghbar



The System of Alternative Penalties and Measures:            a Specially Featured System for a Changing Punitive Philosophy
Ahmed Mousa Hayejneh



Immunity of the Diplomatic Envoy: Prosecution or Impunity?
Shadi Adnan Alshdaifat



Legal Administration of the Electronic Agent at Saudi System
Nessrien Sulman Mansowr



The Interaction between Cultural Criticism,
Critical Theories and the Plurality of
Knowledge: a Study of the Major Concept
Nizar Jebril Alseoudi

​The Weapon of Burning Mirrors in the
Writings of Muslim Historians between the
Historical Text and the Popular Myth in the
Middle Ages
Amr Abdul-Aziz Moneer

The UAE Feminist Novel in the Light of
Feminist Criticism (Mariam Al-Ghafli) as an
Ali Kamel Ali Al Sharef