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Applications and Forms

Application/Form Title Link
P1 ​Application for Admission to Ph.D. programs Click Here
P2 Ph.D. Admission Postponement Form Click Here
P3 Change of Program Request Click Here
P4 Withdrawal from the Program Click Here
P5 Request for re-registration of the program Click Here
P6 Competitive Scholarship Offered by the University Click Here
P7 Courses Drop and Add Click Here
P8 The Approval Registration of Incomplete Grade for Ph.D. Students Click Here
P9 Renewal of Teaching Assistantship Scholarship Form Click Here
P10 Study Postponement Click Here
P11 Identifying the Remedial Courses for PhD Click Here
P12 Approval of Thesis Proposal and Supervisor Click Here
P13 ​Comprehensive Exam Request Click Here
P14 Supervisor Report Form Click Here
P15 Thesis Information and Abstract Form Click Here
P16 Thesis Examining Committee Appointment Click Here
P17 Thesis Examination Decision Click Here
P18 Thesis Amendments Click Here
P19 Study Extension for Thesis Defense Application (Ph.D.) Click Here
P20 Request for Examiner Reward on Thesis Click Here
P21 Determination of Level of Scientific Journal Form Click Here
P22 A Form to Obtain Graduation Requirements Letter (Ph.D.) Click Here
P23 ​Recommendation for the Award of the Degree Click Here
P24 Qualification Exam - PhD Click Here
P25 Dissertation Submittal Form to the University’s Library Click Here