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  1. The College of Graduate Studies and Research was founded in 2006 in order to organize and develop research and graduate studies at the University of Sharjah and realize the vision of its founder and president. This vision calls for elevating the University of Sharjah as a leading institution of excellence in the fields of research, publishing research, and graduate studies programs. The University established the College of Graduate Studies to achieve the following:

    1. Promote and publish research to enrich human knowledge in all areas through connecting graduate studies to serious specialized research.

    2. Highly prepare and qualify specialized scientists and professionals in the various theoretical and applied fields of knowledge required to implement comprehensive plans for development in the United Arab Emirates.

    3. Encourage scientific capabilities to keep pace with rapid scientific and technical progress and promote innovation.

    4. Enable outstanding students holding undergraduate degrees to continue their graduate studies locally.

    5. Endeavor to improve undergraduate programs to serve as a strong foundation for graduate studies.

    The course of graduate studies at the University of Sharjah began with its establishment of the Center for Research and Studies in 1999, whereupon it offered the first graduate studies program in the field of Executive Business Administration in 2000.

    The University currently offers 17 programs at the master's level and  seven PhD programs distributed across eight colleges in the specializations of engineering, management, Sharia and Islamic studies, law, translation, Arabic language, history, communication, computer sciences, applied sociology, medicine, engineering management, and leadership in higher education. As a part of the 2014-2019 University Strategic Plan, future plans are underway to offer additional programs from departments with the resources necessary to realize the University's vision. The College also publishes a handbook to explain the method for writing master's theses.  The work of the College of Graduate Studies is supported by an academic council, the Graduate Studies Council, which is chaired by the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies. The council represents all of the UOS colleges that have graduate programs. The council takes decisions and makes recommendations to ensure the development of these programs and their continued excellence.

    Currently, the Department of Graduate Studies falls under the College of Graduate Studies and assumes the following responsibilities:

    1. Accepting students to graduate studies programs and following up on their administrative affairs until they graduate.

    2. Arranging the process of academic supervision for master's theses and PhD dissertations.

    3. Providing teaching assistant scholarships to distinguished students.

    4. Developing existing and new programs.

    5. Recommending the necessary regulations for organizing and developing the course of graduate studies.