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Dean's Welcome

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and to congratulate you in choosing University of Sharjah to pursue your graduate studies.

The University of Sharjah is proud to be among the leaders in graduate studies and in the variety of graduate programs it offers at both Master and Ph.D. Levels.

Graduate students are always at the center of all activities within the University. They entertain a capacious set of social and recreational activities that sequel their academic learning experience. The College of Graduate Studies (CGS) is keen on helping its students build their self- confidence and their social awareness. Also, it takes every opportunity to help the students to prepare them to take part in all academic activates in order to get them ready for leadership roles in their future endeavors .

To acquaint its graduate students with key information, the CGS issues this catalog which includes mainly the following:

• The academic calendar, for the current year.
• The University overview
• Graduate Study bylaws and regulations
• Accreditation matters
• Master and Ph.D. degree admission requirements
• Tuition and housing
• Campus facilities
• Students general conducts
• Study plans
• Course descriptions

Finally, we at the College of Graduate Studies would like to express our deepest appreciation to all people who helped in making this catalog.

Wishing our graduate students all success.

Prof. Raafat El Awady

Dean, College of Graduate Studies