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Current Projects and Future Directions
 Title of ProjectResearchers
1."Socket preservation using Bovine bone compared to immediate implant placement with bovine bone graft " Sausan AlKawas, Ali Qabbani, Rani Samsudin, Saad Wahbi, Ahmed Osman

The Effect of Ultrasound on Marginal bone loss around implant-supported Prosthesis.

Sausan AlKawas, Elaf Zubaidi, Rani Samsudin, Saad Wahbi, Ahmed Osman, Fatma Hejazi
3Estimation of Salivary Acute Phase Reactants levels among women with pre-term low birth weight babies.
Natheer AL-Rawi, Abeer Abdul Sattar

Quantitative Analysis of Salivary Proteomic Biomarkers for Alzheimer Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment, A Way toward an Early Diagnosis.

Natheer AL-Rawi, Suzan Al Noori