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Research Opportunities

The scope of the research activities of members is mainly clinical and basic molecular biology of patients with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The members, however, share a common interest in research that is related to diabetes and/or is fundamental to understanding its pathogenesis, hence the development of new treatment strategies. The group aim at developing an infrastructure that could serve as a catalyst to stimulate innovative research. The cornerstone of the group is its six research themes and to seek funding for basic as well clinical investigators with the opportunity  more efficiently utilize resources and expand the scope of their research programs. The main goals are to:-

· Stimulate multidisciplinary interactions, particularly between basic and clinical scientists;

· Promote new research programs in the area of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases;

· Enhance the quality of research training and

· Expand and amplify research efforts in diabetes and related cardiovascular disorders.


· Reduce the prevalence of risk factors for diabetes and other non-communicable diseases including obesity, hypertension and sedentary lifestyle

· Identify the environmental-genetic/ molecular interaction by identifying molecular changes associated with obesity, diabetes and its complications

· Identifying genetic changes associated with each complication in different ethnic groups of UAE utilizing our current population-based study data

· Early identification of pre-diabetes and diabetes to start early intervention and delay the complications

· Bridge the gap in management by finding the factors that enhance implementation of best practice guideline.