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UAE Diabetes and Cardiovascular Research

Research group overview

The main focus of the group will be on diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD) and their risk factors. We are interested in preventing and modifying the risk factors including obesity and physical inactivity to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and delaying the onset of complications of diabetes by early and appropriate diabetes interventions.

The group brings together a multidisciplinary team of independent scientists as well as professionals from Rashid Diabetes and Research Centre, College of Medicine and Department of Finance/ College of Business Administration as well Ministry of Health and others.

Subject Areas

The research group will be involved in several aspects of diabetes research. Diabetes mellitus is a major health problem in UAE with high prevalence due to obesity and possibly ethnic preponderance. Epidemiological, Molecular and genetic aspects of the disease will be the cornerstone of the research projects of this group in order to develop a clearer picture of the disease in its local context.

Complications of uncontrolled diabetes mellitus are numerous. This research group will investigate the potential association between major micro- and macro-vascular complications of diabetes and a number of gene polymorphisms (SNPs). The aim is to identify high risk patients who need special care and closer monitoring and follow-up.

Potential relationship of diabetes mellitus to other cardiovascular risk factors will be explored in the UAE population. One of the main goals of this research group is to identify important factors that affect patients' acceptability and compliance to lifestyle modifications and therapeutic interventions. This should be reflected on the elements of patient education that should be highlighted for diabetic patients to achieve the best quality of health care and control of the disease.