RIMHS Research Groups Oral Presentations

M23-029 26 APR 20169 AM

Under the Patronage and Attendance of Prof. Dr. Hamid AlNaimiy-UOS Chancellor

RIMHS Research Groups Oral Presentations

 Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Time: 9:00-1:00

TimeResearch GroupsOral Presentation by Groups CoordinatorsPresiderCollege 

Opening Remarks by Prof. Maamar Bettayeb

 Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies


​ ​ ​
9:15-9:35RIMHS-Strategic PlanTaleb H. AlTelTalebRIMHS 
9:40-9:55Drug Design and Discovery: Targeting CancerRaafat El AwadyRaafatPharmacy 
9:55-10:10New modalities for treating cancer and multiple sclerosisAzzam A. MagazachiRaafatMedicine 
10:10-10:25Iron Biology: Biology of Estrogen and Iron MetabolismMoawiah HaqAzzamCOHS 
10:25-10:40Environment and Cancer Research: Environmental Pollutants and their carcinogenic effectsWael HassanAzzamCOHS 
10:40-10:55Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders: Diabetes and Its health complicationsSamir AwadallahWaelCOHS 
10:55-11:15                                                      Coffee  Break
11:15-11:30UAE Diabetes and Cardiovascular Research: Diabetes prevalence and its health complications in UAENabil SuleimanWael



11:30-11:45Health service research: Pharmacist role in improving health outcomesHamzah Tareq Al ZubaidiManalPharmacy 

Wound Healing and

Salivary Diagnostic Group: Oral Health and Its Health Complications

AB Rani Samsudin Mehmet



12:00-12:15Dental Biomaterials: New Dental BiomaterialsMehmet OmarNabil



12:15-12:30Nutrition and Food Research: Food additives, toxins and health related issuesReyad Shaker ObaidWegdanCOHS 
12:30-12:45Health Promotion in the UAE: Epidemiological perspectives of prevalent diseases in the UAE Wegdan Bani IssaSamirCOHS 
12:45-1:30                                                           Luncheon




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