Research Goals and Objectives

Our group focus encompasses tissue injury and repair related to pathogenesis and therapeutics of multiple origins from molecular and cellular levels to its clinical impact.

Our objectives are:

1. To define the biomarkers of diseases involving tissue repair and remodeling e.g. myocardial infarction, bronchial asthma.

2.  Determine early vascular changes in diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome patients to detect cardiovascular injuries in its earlier stage using non-invasive diagnostic tests and biomedical markers. 

3.  To evaluate the influence of gene polymorphism and tissue microenvironment on tissue remodeling, neoplasia and response to medications.

4.  Describing 3D scaffold free models of related tissue types for tissue regeneration as well as drug testing.

5.  Explore the potential beneficial effects of vitamin D and antioxidants in reversing and repairing the vascular injuries.

6.  Examine the immunological reactions mounting after environmental insults or genetic modifications

7.   Establish animal models representing human cardiovascular disease and obstructive airway diseases.

 Research Team

Prof. Qutayba Hamid : Dean of the College of Medicine

Dr. Ahmed El-Serafy, Assistant Professor , Basic Medical Sciences Dep.

Dr. Adel Al-Moseilhy, Associate Professor, Basic Medical Sciences Dep.

Dr. Maha Saber, Associate Professor,  Clinical Sciences Dep.

Dr. Samerin Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Basic Medical Sciences Dep.

Dr. Bashair Moussa, Assistant Professor, Basic Medical Sciences Dep.

Dr. Maha Gumei, Assistant Professor, Clinical Sciences Dep.

Prof. Mohamed Al-Hajjaj, Professor,  Clinical Sciences Dep.

Prof. Azzam Magazachi, Professor, Clinical Sciences Dep.

Lines of Research

1.  Bronchial Asthma in the community of Sharjah; incidence, provocative factors and molecular background.

2.  Cardiovascular disease, in association with early endothelial damage and associated biomarkers.

3.  Genetic polymorphism and its association with the response to treatment.

4.  Exploring the readiness of the important factors in tissue repair in the local community, such as vitamin D and antioxidants.

5.  The effect of genetic predisposition and tissue microenvironment versus environmental challenges in muscle injury.

6.  Investigate the role of immune system during inflammation.


Prof. Hamid

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Group Collaborators

Local Collaborators

a. Dr. Mohamed Saleh Alhajjaj

b. Dr. Bassam Hassan Mahboub

c. Dr. Ashraf Al Zaabi; Zayed military hospital

d. Dr. Mohamed Seif; UHS

e. Dr. Salah Abu Senana; Rashid center of Diabetes and research;

f. Dr. Fatma Al-Hashimi; Dubai Cord Blood Research Center;

g. Dr. Mohamed Hassanein; Dubai Hospital

h. Prof. Sherif Karam, Dr. Sahar Mohsin; United Arab Emirates University

International Collaborators

a. Prof. David Eidelman; McGill University, Canada.

b. Prof. James Martin; McGill University, Canada.

c. Dr. Carolyn Baglole; McGill University, Canada

d. Dr. Rabie Halwani; King Saud University, KSA.

e. Prof. Wahib Mahana; Université Paris-sud, France.

f. Dr. Sandra Gessani; Instituto Superiore di Sanita, Rome, Italy.

g. Prof. Adel Schwertani, Montreal General Hospital, Canada

h. Prof. Moustapha Hassan; Karoliniska Institute, Sweden

i. Prof. Ton Rabelink; Leiden University Medical Centre

j. Prof. Imed Gallouzi; McGill University