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Research Groups

​RIMHS Research Groups 

Drug Design and Discovery

Group Coordinator: Dr. Mohammed El-Gamal (

Prof. Taleb AlTel, Research Institute for Medical & Health Sciences
Prof. Raafat El-Awady, College of Pharmacy
Dr. Hasan Al-Niss, College of Pharmacy
Dr. Rania Harati, College of Pharmacy
Dr. Mohammad Semreen, College of Pharmacy
Dr. Hany Omar, College of Pharmacy

Mr. Hamadeh Tarazi, College of Pharmacy

Tissue Injury and Repair

Group Coordinator: Prof. Qutayba Hamid (

Prof. Azzam Magazachi, College of Medicine  
Prof. Mohamed Al-Hajjaj, College of Medicine 
Dr. Bashair Moussa, College of Medicine  
Dr. Adel Al-Moseilhy, College of Medicine  
Dr. Bassm Hasan Mahboub, College of Medicine 
Dr. Maha Mosheer Guimei, College of Medicine 
Dr. Khuloud Bajbouj, College of Medicine 

Iron Biology

Group Coordinator: Dr. Mawieh Hamad (

Dr. Samir Awadallah, College of Health Sciences
Dr. Jalal Taneera, College of Medicine 

Dr. Mohammad Ghaleb, College of Medicine 
Dr. Khuloud Bajbouj, College of Medicine
Dr. Jibran Saleh, College of Medicine

Environment and Cancer Research

Group Coordinator: Dr. Wael Hassan (

Dr Maha Mohamed Saber Ayad, College of Medicine
Dr Iman M. Talaat, College of Medicine
Dr Eman F. M. Abu Gharbia, College of Medicine
Dr. Maez Allslam Ezzat, College of Health Sciences
Dr. Ayssar Nahle, College of Sciences
Dr. Semrein Ahmad, College of Medicine

Dr. Sondos Harfil, College of Health Sciences
Ms. Vidhya Anish, Sharjah Institute for Medical Research
Ms Arya Vinod

Wound Healing & Oral Diagnosis

Group Coordinator: Prof. Rani Samsudin (

Dr. Sausan Al Kawas, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Natheer AlRawi, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Wael Talaat, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Suhail Al Amed, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Saad Wahbi, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Ali Qabbani, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Elaf Zubaidi, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Basheer Salman, College of Dental Medicine

Dr. Zaid Ghanem, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Nizam Abdallah, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Abeer Banat, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Farah Al-Marzooq, Sharjah Institute for Medical Research
Dr. Smriti Aryal A.C, Sharjah Institute for Medical Research
Dr. Dalenda BenzinaCollege of Dentistry

Dental Biomaterials

Group Coordinator:  Prof. Mehmet Omar Gorduysus (

Prof. Hien Chi Ngo, College of Dentistry 
Prof. Rani Samuiddin, College of Dentistry 
Prof Gregor Zafiropoulos, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Betul Rahman, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Vellore Gopinath, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Hatem Al Damanhoury, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Saaid AL Shahedat, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Sheela Abraham, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Nadia Khalifa, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Adel Moufti, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Hisham Al Batawi, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Mohammed Kishawi, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Shadi Al Khatib, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Waad Khader, College of Dental Medicine
Dr. Sara Jaser, College of Dental Medicine

Nutrition and Food Research

Group Coordinator: Dr. Reyad Shaker Obaid (

Prof. Tareq Osaili, College of Health Sciences
Dr. Hadia Radwan, College of Health Sciences
Dr. "Mo'ez AL-Islam" Faris, College of Health Sciences
Dr. Leila Cheikh Ismail, College of Health Sciences
Dr. Hayder Hasan, College of Health Sciences
Ms. Mona Hashim, College of Health Sciences

Dr. Dineshkumar Dhanasekaran, RIMHS 

Health Promotion Research Group

Group Coordinator: Dr. Wegdan Bani Issa (

Dr. Nabeel Al Yateem, College of Health Sciences
Dr. Sana Hasan, Ajman University
Dr. Manal Awad, College of Dentistry
Dr. Hadia Radwan, College of Health Sciences
Dr. Lori Marie Walton, College of Health Sciences
Dr. Rachel Rossiter
Randa Fakhry, College of Health Sciences

Arwa Al-Shujairi, Research Institute of Medical and Health Sciences 

Improving Health Care Delivery and Medicines Use

Group Coordinator: Dr. Hamza Al Zubaidi (

Prof  Colette Browning, Director of RDNS Institute, Royal District Nursing Service
Dr. Kevin Mc Namara, Health Postdoctoral Senior Research Fellow, School of Medicine, Deakin University, Australia
Dr. Abduelmola Abduelkareem, College of Pharmacy
Dr. Osama H. Ibrahim, College of Pharmacy 
Dr. Eman Abu-Gharbieh,, College of Medicine
Dr. Basema Saddik,, College of Medicine
Dr. Rana M. Ibrahim, College of Pharmacy

Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

Group Coordinator: Prof Nabil Sulaiman  (

Dr.  Samir Awadallah, College of Medicine
Dr. Haydar Hasan, College of Pharmacy
Dr. Bashair Mussa, College of Medicine
Dr. Jalal Taneera, College of Medicine

Dr. Amita Attlee
Abdul Khader Mohammed, Research Institute of Medical and Health Sciences

Oral Biofilms in Health and Disease 

Group Coordinator: Prof Lakshman Samaranayake (

Prof. Hien Ngo, College of Dentistry
Prof. Rani Smasudin, College of Dentistry
Prof. Mehmet Omer Gorduysus, College of Dentistry  

Dr. Chamila Panduwawala, College of Dental Medicine

Infectious Disease and Anti-Infective Therapy

Group Coordinator: Prof. Ayman Noreddin (

Dr. Sameh Soliman, College of Pharmacy 
Dr. Ghalia Khoder, College of Pharmacy
Dr. Raed AbuOdeh, College of Health Sciences 
Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Mahmoud, College of Medicine
Dr. Khalil Abdelmawgoud, College of Engineering 

Dr. Khalid Ramadan, College of Engineering 

Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics 

Group Coordinator: Dr. Rifat Hamoudi (

Dr. Hassen Haj Kacem (co-coordinator), College of Sciences 
Dr. Iman Talaat, College of Medicine 
Dr. Samrein Ahmed, College of Medicine 
Dr. Riyad Bendardaf, University Hospital Sharjah
Dr. Salah Abusnana, University Hospital Sharjah  
Dr. Maha Saber Ayad, College of Medicine
Prof. Salman Guraya, College of Medicine
Dr. Mostafa Zahri, College of Science
Dr. Thenmozhi Venkatachalam, Postdoctoral Research Associate, SIMR

Gene Editing & Therapy

Group Coordinator: Dr. Mohamed Rahmani (

Dr. Khalid Bajou, College of Science
Dr. Hany Omar, College of Pharmacy
Dr. Firdos Ahmad, College of Medicine
Dr. Bassam Mahboub, College of Medicine
Dr. Raafat A.E. El-Awady, College of Pharmacy


Group Coordinator: Dr. Azzam A. Magazachi  (

Dr. Rifat Hamoudi, College of Medicine
Dr. Riyad Bendardaf, College of Medicine
Dr. Jibran Muhmmad, College of Medicine