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PI and Research Team
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Prof. Reyad Shaker Obaid (Group Coordinator)

Phone: +9716-5057554

Office: M23-120

E-mail address: robaid@sharjah.ac.ae


Dr. Amita Attlee

Phone: +9716-5057508

Office: M23-114

E-mail address: aattlee@sharjah.ac.ae


Dr. Hadia Radwan

Phone: +9716-5057549

Office: M23-102

E-mail address: hradwan@sharjah.ac.ae


Dr. Moez AlIslam Faris

Phone: +9716-5057514

Office: M31-119

E-mail address: mfaris@sharjah.ac.ae


Dr. Hayder Hasan

Phone: +9716-5057512

Office: M31-104

E-mail address: haidarah@sharjah.ac.ae


Ms. Mona Hashim

Phone: +9716-5057559

Office: M31-118

E-mail address: mhashim@sharjah.ac.ae


Ms. Sandos Harfil

Phone: +9716-5057529

Office: M31-127

E-mail address: sharfil@sharjah.ac.ae

Dr. Mohamed Yehia Z. Abouleish

American University of Sharjah

Dept. of Department of Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences

E-mail address: mabouleish@aus.edu

Dr. Mutamed Ayyash

UAEU, Al Ain

Dept. Food Science

Phone: +(971) 3-7134552

E-mail address: mutamed.ayyash@uaeu.ac.ae

Anas A. Al-Nabulsi

Jordan Universsity of Science and Technology

Dept. of Nutrition and Food Techonology

Irbid, Jordan

E-mail address: anas nabulsi@just.edu.jo)


Dr. Hessa Ghazal

Maternal and Child Health  Center