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Internal Grants

Eman Abu-Gharbia, Targeting of  PI3K-FoxO-Survivin axis with different flavonoidal compounds to overcomes trastuzumab resistance in on BT474 HER2-overexpressing breast cancer cell line, 2017.

Dr. Iman Talaat (PI), Role of miRNA-16 Expression in Cutaneous T- cell Lymphomas (CTCLs) and its Relation to Apoptosis Related Genes (bcl2, survivin), 2017.

Wael Hassan (PI), Maha Saber, Samrein Ahmed, Sondos Harfil, Molecular Study of Colon and Breast Cancer Development in Obesity (PI) fund of  AED, Nov., 2016 -2019.

Faris MAIE, Wael Hassan, et al. “Mitochondrial and Metabolic Gene Profiling of Ramadan Intermittent Fasting in Metabolic Syndrome Patients”, 2016.

Faris MAIE et al.,Study of the Effect of Ramadan Intermittent Fasting on Oxidative Stress, Body Adiposity and Metabolic Markers as Affected by SIRT3 Gene Expression in Metabolic Syndrome Patients”, 2016.

Dr. Samrein Ahmed , Dr Wael Hassan, et al nvestigating the impact of ShcD in melanoma migration and survival via ROS modulation, 2016.

Faris MAIE and Wael A Hassan PI: Study the Molecular Changes Associated with the Dietary Chemoprevention of Camel Milk (Camelus dromedarius) against Azoxymethane-Induced Colorectal Cancer in Fischer 344 Rat Model”, 2015.

Dr. Wael PI, Dr Moez, Dr Maha, et al, interdisciplinary grant. Bisphenol A and colorectal carcinogenesis. Granted Sep 2015 – till 2017.

Dr Samrein Ahmed, Investigating the role of melanoma associated adaptor, ShcD in melanoma invasion and metastasis.  Seed grant 2014

External Grants

Role of Galanin/Galanin Receptor signaling as a potential novel therapeutic target for Colo-rectal Cancer with mutant p53. (co-investigator. Team: Dr Maha, Dr Wael, Dr Iman, Dr Rifat)., 2018-2020.

Elucidation of cell death mechanisms of novel molecules CP-380736 and MPT-0B014 in colorectal and breast cancer, Aravind SR and Wael M Abdel Rahman, 2017.

In vitro antitumor action of Micromeria fruticose L Druce subsp. Serpyllifolia, 2017.

Studying the phosphorylation status of ShcD in melanoma upon oxidative stress: An evidence for new therapeutic target in melanoma, Dr Samrein Ahmed, Dr Wael Hassan, 2017.

Effect of Ramadan Intermittent Fasting on Visceral Adiposity, Metabolic and Inflammatory Makers in Obese Subjects”, Faris MAIE, Radwan R and Mousawi HA, 2016.

Predicting Colorectal  Cancer Risk in Subjects with Metabolic Syndrome in University of Sharjah Community, Boehringer Ingelheim- UoS Award, Dr Wael PI & Ms Sondos, 2016 .

Effect of Galanin expression on caspase 8 –mediated apoptosis and sensitivity to chemotherapy in colorectal cancer, 2016.

Molecular Mechanisms of carcinogenesis by environmental toxins, Dr Wael PI & Prof Peltomaki, 2016. 

Optimizing the differentiation of human induced plueripotent stem cells derived from diabetic patients towards insulin secreting beta cells of pancreas. Co-inestigators; Dr. Serafy PI & Dr. Wael, 2016.

Bone Regeneration for Dental Transplantation. Co-investigators; Dr. Serafy PI & Dr. Wael, 2016. 

Investigating GHRHR expression level under hyperglycemia-like culture conditions in breast cancer cell lines. Dr Samrein Ahmed, 2016.

Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research Scholarship, Sondos Harfil, 2015.


Investigating the phosphorylation status of melanoma associated Shc adaptor, ShcD, upon oxidative stress. Dr Samrein Ahmed, 2015.