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Current Projects

  1. Targeting Breast and Prostate Cancer: Design and Synthesis of Novel and Privileged polycyclic pyrido[1,2-a]quinolinones, Benzopyranes and Benzoxepines Motifs(AJF 201531). PI-Taleb H. AlTel-AlJalila Foundation-266,000AED. 
  2.  "Effect of Tumor Microrna Secretome before and after cancer chemotherapy on heart and skeletal muscle morphology and function"-PI-Dr. Rafaat El-Awady- funded from Aljalila Foundation-295,000AED. 
  3.  "OSU-2S Combinatorial Approach, the next level in tackling cancer cell survival" –PI- Dr. Hany A. Omar- funded from Aljalila Foundation-245,000AED. 
  4. "Targeted Cancer Drug Design: Selective Targeting of HDACs Using Diversity Oriented Organic Synthesis and In Silico Aided Drug Design Strategies"-PI-Taleb H. AlTel-TerryFox Foundation-127,000AED.
  5. "Discovery, Development, and Molecular Mechanism of Novel Inhibitors of Human Hexokinase 2 as Anticancer Therapeutics"- Co-PI-Taleb H. AlTel-NYU-AD- TerryFox Foundation-127,000AED.
  6. "Design and Discovery of Lead Drug Candidates: Targeting Alzheimer's and Cancer Diseases"-PI-Taleb H. AlTel; KEF Holding Foundation-100,000AED 
  7.  "Novel approaches toward the discovery of drugs for the treatment of Diabetes, Obesity and Cancer"-PI-Taleb H. AlTel, NRF-200,000AED.
  8. Many Grants for graduate students projects from Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Company.