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Publications (2016-2017)

Fakhruddin KS, Gorduysus MO  Al Batawi H Effectiveness of audiovisual distraction with computerized delivery of anesthesia during placement of stainless steel crowns in children with Down syndrome. European Journal of Dentistry.2017,11:1;1-5 (Pubmed)


Kucukkaya Eren S, Gorduysus MO, Sahin C:Sealing ability and Adaptation of Root-end Filling Materials in Cavities Prepared with Different Techniques"(SCI)  Microsc Res Tech. 2017;1-7Article ID: JEMT22861  Article DOI: 10.1002/jemt.22861

Gorduysus MO, Rubai H, Salman B, Al-Saady D, Al-Daghistani H, Muftuoglu S: Using erbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser irradiation in different energy output levels versus ultrasonic in removal of root canal filling materials in endodontic retreatment. European Journal of Dentistry, accepted (June 19,2017) Pubmed ejd_111_17, 2017:11;281-6 (Pubmed)


Yilmaz Z, Kucukkaya Eran S, Uzunoglu E, Gorduysus M, Gorduysus MO: Interaction of backfilling techniques and MTA plugs with additives: Fracture strength and adaptation analyses 2017/8/25(publication date) Dental Materials Journal Received Dec 8, 2016: Accepted Mar 7, 2017 doi:10.4012/dmj.2016-412 JOI JST.JSTAGE/dmj/2016-412(Pubmed)


Yuruker S,Gorduysus M, Kucukkaya S, Uzunoglu E, Ilgin C, Gulen O, Tuncel B, Gorduysus MO Efficacy of Combined Use of Different Nickel-titanium Files on Removing Root Canal Filling Materials 42:3;487-492,2016 Journal of Endodontics (SCI)


Kucukkaya S, Gorduysus O, Zeybek ND,Muftuoglu SF In vitro cytotoxicity of calcium silicate-based endodontic cements as root-end filling materials Scientifica (Hindawi) accepted for publication January 18,2016 (Pubmed) Hindawi Publishing Corporation Scientifica Volume 2016, Article ID 9203932, 5 pages pg 1-5


Gorduysus MO Clinical Considerations in Endodontic Retreatment and Retreatment Methodologies  (Opinion Article). E-Cronicon Dental Sciences 3:4:14-15,2016 (E-Cronicon Dental Sciences is ProQuest,Index Copernicus, ICMJE, Google Scholar indexed)


Fakhruddin KS, Gorduysus MO  Al Batawi H, Effectiveness of behavioral modification techniques with visual distraction using intrasulcular local anesthesia in hearing disabled children during pulp therapy European Journal of Dentistry (Pubmed) Oct-Nov 2016, 10:4;551-555


Gorduysus MO Geriatric Endodontics, Clinical Changes and Challanges(Opinion Article). E-Cronicon Dental Sciences 7:1:38-40,2016 Opinion ECDE-16-OP-294 entitled "Geriatric Endodontics, Clinical Changes and Challenges" has been chosen as "Best Article of the Issue" by the Editorial Panel of EC Dental Science and certified. Paper has been declared as "Best Article of the Issue" based on its eminence and potentiality.

Gorduysus MO. Flap Design in Conventional and Micro-Endodontic Surgery and the Importance Turkiye Klinikleri Journal of Dental Sciences Special Topics "Endodontics" EndodonticSurgerySpecialIssue2:1,2016

2017 - Dina W. Elkassas and Hatem M. El-Damanhoury. Impact of Er:YAG Laser Modification on The Dentin Surface Topography and Bonding Performance of Contemporary Adhesive Systems. Submitted for publication.

2017 - Hatem M. El-Damanhoury and Marianna Gaintantzopoulou. Self-Etching Ceramic Primer Versus Hydrofluoric Acid Etching: Etching Efficacyand Bonding Performance. Journal of Prosthodontic Research, accepted for publication, published online at:

2016 - Marianna Gaintantzopoulou and Hatem M. El-Damanhoury. Effect of Preparation   Depth on the Marginal and Internal Adaptation of CAD/CAM Endocrowns. Operative Dentistry, (2016) Volume 41, Issue 6, Pages 607-616. 

2016 - Hatem M. El-Damanhoury and Marianna Gaintantzopoulou. The effect of Immediate Dentin Sealing and Optical Powder Removal Method on the Fracture Resistance of CAD/CAM fabricated Endocrowns. International Journal of Computerized Dentistry. (2016) Volume 19, Issue 2, Pages 135-151.

2016 - Hatem El-Damanhoury and Marianna Gaintantzopoulou. Immediate Dentin Sealing and Optical Powder Removal Method influence the Fracture Resistance of CAD/CAM Endocrown. 2016 AADR/CADR Annual Meeting (March 16-19, 2016) (Los Angeles, CA)

Gopinath VK, Samsudin AR, Noor SN, Sharab HY. Facial profile and maxillary arch dimensions in unilateral cleft lip and palate children in the mixed dentition stage.  Eur J Dent. 2017;11:76-82.

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Gopinath VK. Comparative evaluation of microleakage between bulk esthetic materials versus resin-modified glass ionomer to restore Class II cavities in primary molars. J Indian Soc Pedod Prev Dent. 2017;35(3):238-243.

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"Management of a mandibular first molar with three canals in the distal root" Kesavan Mohan, Sarra Abdulhamid Abdalla Ben Hmida, Saaid Ayesh Alshehadat, Mohamad Syahrizal Halim, Hany Mohamed Aly Ahmed.  Journal of Restorative Dentistry / Vol - 4 / Issue - 1 / Jan-Apr 2016.

Opinions of dental students toward tobacco cessation intervention in the United Arab Emirates.Betul Rahman B,  Hawas N,  Rahman MM.International Dental Journal, 2016. 66: 304-10