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In today’s competitive environment, the sustainability of any organization depends on its innovativeness, which includes not only developing new products or services, but also new ways of organizing and managing its assets. Sustainable Engineering Assets Management (SEAM) covers many topics that are integrated in various lines of research such as quality, human factors, reliability, maintenance, optimization, artificial intelligence, condition monitoring, innovation, project management, and project portfolio management. In addition, it covers other research areas such as productivity and performance measurements using Life Cycle Cost/Profit (LCC/P); Total Quality Management (TQM); Quality Control (QC); maintenance strategies such as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).  CBM includes the use of modern diagnosis and prognoses systems, using the right instrumentation and condition monitoring technology methods that are used for data collection, including vibration monitoring, thermal imaging, oil particle analysis, etc. Moreover, from a wider perspective, the design and operations of sustainable supply chain networks taking into consideration economic, environmental and social aspects is part of the research themes of the group. In addition to soft computing (such as fuzzy logic and neural networks, mathematical programming, optimization software), intelligent systems will be utilized with components related to industrial, electrical, computer, mechanical, and service systems.



Research areas in relation to group
MemberResearch Area related to the group
Imad Alsyouf.Maintenance and Reliability Engineering; Condition Based Maintenance; Productivity Improvement; Continuous Improvement; Lean Production; Life Cycle Cost Analysis; Quality Engineering; Total Quality Management (TQM)
Mohammad Shamsuzzaman.Quality Control, Reliability, Maintenance, Simulation, Decision Making
Naser NawaysehHuman Response to Vibration, Postural Stability, Solar Desalination
Anwar Hasan Jarndal  Genetic Optimization, Neural Networks Modeling, and Fuzzy Logic
Hamdi BashirProject management, quality management, and innovation management
Ali CheaitouSustainable supply chain and operations management; Green maritime transportation
Emad MushtahaHuman factors, optimization, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), sustainable design, intelligent systems
Zain Elabideen TahboubMaintenance Management, Optimization, Strategy Development, Education Systems
Michael Khoo Boon ChongStatistical Quality Control, with a main focus on control charts.
Ahmad Alzghoul     Data mining, Intelligent monitoring systems
On-going Research Projects

The research group has started three funded research projects:

  1. ISO 55000 (PAS 55) Standard – effects on engineering assets performance and implementation challenges: a benchmarking study based on RTA experience in- and University of Sharjah pilot student for- adopting the standards. PI: Dr. Imad Alsyouf, November 2015 - October 2017
  2. Comparison study on effectiveness of EWMA control charts for monitoring process mean. PI:  Dr. Mohammad Shamsuzzaman, September 2015-August 2017
  3. The Impact Of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) And Intelligent Machine Monitoring On Engineering Asset Sustainability: A Case Study On Dubai Public Transport Agency Investigators​. Dr. Imad Alsyouf, Dr. Hamdi Bashir and Dr. Mhd. Shamsuzzaman