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Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement:

The mission of Sustainable Civil Infrastructure System (SCIS) Research Group is to serve the needs of the community through developing and disseminating scientific knowledge related to sustainable civil infrastructure systems and providing innovative and practical solutions needed for understanding, planning, designing, managing and sustaining such systems.

To fulfill its mission, the SCIS research group has four goals and a number of objectives as follows:

1. Advance Research and Innovation:

  • Conduct interdisciplinary research addressing complex and integrated civil infrastructure problems, with focus on those of Sharjah, UAE, and the region
  • Expand knowledge and provide cutting edge solutions to improve sustainability, resiliency, efficiency, safety and accessibility of civil infrastructure systems
  • Develop strategies and policies related to sustainability of  civil infrastructure systems in collaboration with government and private organizations

2. Provide Training, Consultancy and Community Services:

  • Provide specialized training in the area of sustainable civil infrastructure systems
  • Provide specialized consultancy services in the area of sustainable civil infrastructure systems
  • Support concerned governmental agencies and organizations in Sharjah and other Emirates on joint projects that enhance the sustainability of civil infrastructure systems

3. Disseminate Knowledge and Pursue Community Outreach:

  • Organize  professional courses, seminars, workshops, and conferences related to sustainable civil infrastructure systems
  • Actively pursue publishing research findings in renowned journals and conferences and provide relevant info to community through the media and group's website

4. Enhance and Develop Sustainable Infrastructure Educational Programs:

  • Emphasize the practical and innovative aspects of sustainable infrastructure education in Existing undergraduate and graduate courses in the Civil Engineering program,
  • Offer new integrated courses on sustainable infrastructure systems.
  • Integrate graduate and undergraduate in research and professional activities of the group
  • Provide tailored internship program with collaborating organizations and institutes