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Advisory Board
​Currently, RISE has an Ad Hoc Internal Advisory Committee consisting of the following faculty members:
·      Prof. Abdallah Shanableh    Director of Rise                 Chair
·      Prof. Ismael Al-Sadoun       College of Sciences           Member
·      Dr. Hussein Al-Awadi          College of Sciences           Member
·      Prof. Zaher Al-Aghbari       College of Sciences            Member
·      Prof. Mohammad Maalej    College of Engineering       Member
·      Prof. Ahmad Alwakil           College of Engineering       Member
·      Dr. Hamdi Bachir                College of Engineering       Member

The Duties of the advisory committee are as follows:
  • Assist the Directors in coordinating work with researchers in the concerned colleges that the members represent. 
  • Provide advice on university research needs, research priorities, and institutes' research initiatives.
  • Provide advice on activating research at the university and involving researchers in research projects and research activities of the institutes.
  • Provide advice on special graduate program proposals that require contributions of different colleges and are related to priority research areas.
  • Contribute to the development of strategic plans for the institutes.
  • Contribute to any other duties agreed by the committee members.