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Mission & Objectives
Mission Statement
The mission of the Ionizing Radiation Research Group include conducting high quality research in the area of ionizing radiation, providing high quality services, training and research in ionizing radiation with the aim of enhancing our understanding on benefits as well as the hazards associated with exposure of human populations to ionizing radiation. The research group will provide education and services on assessing, monitoring and controlling exposure to ionizing radiation. An important focus of the center is to improve public understanding of ionizing radiation, its peaceful benefits and its impact on the economy of the country as well contributions to reduction of environmental pollution

To fulfill its mission, IRRG has the following number of objectives:
  • Conduct research on several areas related to ionization radiation and its various applications.
  • Provide home, workplace and environmental radiation detection and monitoring services to local institutions, hospitals, and various industries.
  • Provide teaching and research support to UoS students and staff at undergraduate and graduate levels in areas related to radiation.
  • Provide training opportunities to staff in local hospitals, health authorities and agencies, customs, civil defense, etc. on area related to radiation.
  • Conduct regular public awareness seminars aimed at educating the public on radiation and its benefits.
  • Provide short courses on radiation safety and protection.
  • Provide registry services office for employees in industries where radiation is used.
  • To enhance research collaboration efforts of UoS with universities and centers at the national and regional level.