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Vision, Mission & Objectives
Cyber security is becoming strategic field for UAE, especially, with the recent increasing interest in e-commerce and e-government. UAE is ranked #1 in the Middle East in Internet penetration and in implementing e-government. However, this also increases the risk of Internet attacks as we are putting more monetary values and private information on the wire. 

The center carries research in information security to help governmental organizations and local institutions to protect their information infrastructure from cyber attacks. More specifically, the center will work with organizations to identify threats, quantify risks, and take remediation measures to mitigate the effect of possible cyber attacks. The center also can work with organizations to implement security standards and achieve compliance with the highest industry and government regulations.

In addition to performing research in information and network security field, the center will help to spread awareness of computer security among the students and public users through technical seminars, public lectures and workshops.

Information and Network Security Research Center (INSRC) helps to make UAE a safer place for e-government and e-commerce applications. INSRC helps to protect UAE Internet users before they put their valuable information on the wire. INSRC offers application security consulting that helps companies to design, develop, and maintain secure software applications.

Goals & Objectives
The main goal of the center is to offer expert services to organizations and individuals in UAE to protect their valuable properties from cyber attacks. The center will carry research and provide methodologies that evaluate security threat and vulnerability in various environments. The center will provide solutions to lessen these threats and to minimize the expected damages.

The center will also contribute to promoting security awareness among students in particular and public users and organizations in general. The awareness program focuses on the latest computer threats and vulnerabilities and assisting them with incident response and cyber crime threat mitigation.