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Training & Professional Services
As part of the center academic mission to raise awareness of spatial technology among graduate and undergraduate students. The GIS & RS center offers the students and the society an education environment of the latest knowledge and advanced skills in GIS and RS and increase students chance to find jobs in an ever demanding market with hard competition. The center has various types of resources (human resources, hardware, software, etc.) and facilities (class rooms, labs, etc.) in order to impart the GIS education in the class and the field.

Consulting is one of the key service provisions to the local as well as outside community. Some of the important service offerings would be as follows:  Needs analysis/system planning, and GIS implementation management. Spatial data collations and analysis is an important issue for the center due to the availability and cost, the center will collect and process data over years (Maps, satellite images, rainfall….). the data will be standardized according to quality and coverage and embedded in highly technical geospatial database system. these data are vital for decision makers and an integral part of any sustainable development. In summary the center seeks to offer:

  • Student and professional Training
  • Consulting
  • Data collection, analysis and distribution
  • Satellite Image processing and enhancement
  • Spatial database systems
  • Ortho-rectification and Maps generation
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Geo-spatial project management