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Members & Researchers

Abdallah Shanableh, CPEng

Director, Research Institute of

Sciences and Engineering (RISE)

University of Sharjah, P.O. Box 27272,

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

T:  +971 6 5050919, F:  +971 6 5050989

E-Mail: shanableh@sharjah.ac.ae

Rami Al-Ruzouq

Associate Professor / Geomatics and Surveying Engineering

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Sharjah / UAE

Tel: +971 6 5050953; Fax +971 6 5585173

E-Mail: ralruzouq@sharjah.ac.ae

Active Researchers
Dr. Khaled Hamad Transportation Engineering
Dr. Waleed Zeiada Pavement Engineering
Dr. Maher Omar Geotechnical Engineering
Dr. Rami Al-Ruzouq Geomatics Engineering 
Dr. Saleh Abu Dabous Construction Engineering
Prof. Abdallah Shanableh Water and Environment
Dr. Tarek Merabtene Water Engineering
Dr. Mohsin Siddique Water Engineering
Research Assistants
Eng. Mohamad Ali Khalil Research Assistant  
Eng. Ghadeer Al-Khayyat Graduate Research Assistant