• Extending Admission for the fall semester 2017/2018 for Graduate studies

  • Admission for the Fall Semester 2017/2018

  • Art History and Museum Studies Program

  • Professional Diploma in Teaching

  • 2nd Sharjah International Conference on Islamic Economy

  • Sharjah 1st International Conference for Persons with Disabilities

The ECB research group has the professional skills for providing a variety of services to the community. A brief summary of potential services is listed below.

Training, Consultancy and Community Services:
  • Specialized consulting services in the main research areas of the group
  • Specialized research studies and natural product developmen
  • All aspects of natural resources, such as medicinal plants, biodiversity and conservation indigenous plants, phytoremediation and bioremediation, applications of pollen grains in medicine, agriculture, environment
  • Support concerned governmental agencies and organizations
Outreach and Knowledge Transfer:
  • Organize  and delivering professional trainings, workshops, and conferences
  • Provide updated knowledge  and research findings to community

Training/education services:
  • Tailored professional training courses designed to support biotechnologists, chemists and pharmacists
  • Short courses on environmental sustainability, and exploration and conservation of natural resources
  • Organizing conferences and workshops on the different fields of the group disciplines
  • Seminars and distinguished research lectures