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Our Team

Hussain Alawadhi​​
Affiliation​​​​: ​Applied Physics Department​​​​
Academic Rank: Associate Professor
Email: halawadhi@sharjah.ac.ae
Tel: +(971) 6 5050355
Specialization: PhD in Condensed Matter Physics
Research Interests: Growth and Characterization of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors (DMSs) computer Simulation of Semiconductors Modulation Spectroscopy Use of micro-Xray fluorescence (μXRF) in environmental and archaeological applications

Abdul Hai Al-Alami

Affiliation​​​​: ​Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering​​
Academic Rank: ​Associate Professor
Email: aalalami@sharjah.ac.ae 
+(971) 6 5053935
Specialization: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Research Interests: - Manufacturing of laminated dies for injection moudling, - Testing of insulating materials from organic solid waste, - Solar Power reactions steam turbines, - Optically selective solar thermal absorbers, - Mechanical Energy Storage (buoyancy force, - Solar Manufacturing (nonferrous ablation using concentrated solar power)

Najeh M Jisrawi
Affiliation​​​​: ​Applied Physics Department​​​​​​
Academic Rank: Associate Professor
Email: njisrawi@sharjah.ac.ae
Tel: +(971) 6 5050350
Specialization: PhD, Condensed Matter Physics
esearch Interests: X-ray Methods for the Study of Cultural Heritage Synchrotron X-rays for the study of nanomaterials Atomistic simulations of nanomaterials E-learning and Technology in Physics Education

Mounir GAIDI

Affiliation​​​​: ​Applied Physics Department​​​
Academic Rank: Associate Professor
Email: mkaidi@sharjah.ac.ae 
+(971) 6 5050292
Specialization: Ph.D. thesis in physics (material sciences)
Research Interests:
1- Nanomaterials for photovoltaic solar cells applications 2
- Doped and un-doped metal oxide Gas sensors
3- Nanomaterials for photocatalysis.
4- Multiferroic materials for opto-electronic application
5- Thin films elaboration by physical (PLD-sputtering) and chemical process (sol-gel. Electrochemical and pyrosol techniques).

Anis Allagui
Affiliation​​​​: ​Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering​
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor
Email: Aallagui@sharjah.ac.ae 
+(971) 6 5053931
Specialization: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Research Interests:​​ “Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Electrochemical energy storage, High and low-current electrolysis, Plasma micro-discharges”.​

Kais Daoudi
Affiliation​​​​: ​Applied Physics Department​​​​
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor
Email: kdaoudi@sharjah.ac.ae 
+(971) 6 50502
Specialization: PhD in Physics - Optoelectronics
Research Interests: Epitaxial Growth of Functional Oxides Thin Films, Investigation of the strain effects on the structural, optical, electrical and magnetic properties, Transmission electron microscopic (TEM), Raman Spectroscopy, XRay​ Diffraction A​nalysis

Ala Ahmed

Affiliation​​​​: ​Applied Physics Department​​​​​
Academic Rank: Professor
Email: douri@sharjah.ac.ae 
+(971) 6 5050361
Specialization: PhD in Physics
Research Interests: Scattering measurement of dielectric thin film. Chemical, structure, optical and electrical properties of thin film used for solar cell Thin Film Solar Cells Fabrication: Evaluation and Characterization Photovoltaic utility –low scales Solar Energy Potential and Applications in the United Arab

Victor Gillette

Affiliation​​​​: Nuclear Engineering Department​​​​​​​
Academic Rank: Associate Professor
Email: vgillette@sharjah.ac.ae 
+(971) 6 5050936
Specialization: PhD in Physics, Instituto Balseiro, UNC Argentina
Research Interests:Neutron Moderators, Molecular Dynamics, Nuclear Engineering Applications, Neutron Transport Simulations.​

Iyad Al Qasir
Affiliation​​​​: Nuclear Engineering Department​​​​​​​​
Academic RankA: ssistant Professor
Email: ialqasir@sharjah.ac.ae 
+(971) 6 5050973
Specialization: Ph. D. in Nuclear Engineering, May 2007. North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, U.S.A.
Research Interests:F irst-Principles Calculations, Thermal Neutron Scattering

Hachemi B. Benaoum

Affiliation​​​​: ​Applied Physics Department​​​​​​​
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor
Email: hbenaoum@sharjah.ac.ae
el: +(971) 6 5050295
Specialization: Ph.D., Particle and Nuclear Physics
Research Interests: Particle and Nuclear Physics. Mathematical Physics. Cosmology

Attaelmanan Gaffar
Affiliation​​​​: ​Applied Physics Department​​​​​​ (Chair)
Academic Rank: Professor
Email: aattaelmanan@sharjah.ac.ae 
+(971) 6 5050363
Specialization: PhD, X-ray Physics
Research Interests: X-Ray Fluorescence X-Ray imaging Digital Radiography techniques Neutron Activation Analysis​

Ahmad Ali Muhammad

Affiliation​​​​: Chemistry Department​
Academic Rank: AssociateProfessor
Email: ah.mohamed@sharjah.ac.ae 
Tel: +(971) 6 5053823
Specialization: ​​Inorganic Chemistry​​

Nasser Hamdan
Affiliation​​​​: Physics Department​
Academic Rank: Professor
Email: nhamdan@aus.edu
Tel: +(971) 6 5152509

Research Interests: Solid experimental state physics and Material science
: nano-materials, organic solar cells, magnetic materials and semiconductors, high-temperature superconductivity and x-ray spectroscopy.


M​ohamed Shameer​
Affiliation​​​​: ​Research Institute of Science & E​​​​​​ngineering
Rank: Lab Officer
Email: ​
Tel: +(971) 6 5050431
Specialization: Masters Degree in Nanotechnology, VIT University, India
Research Interests: Nanomaterials​
​, Photonics

Muhamma​d Adil Abbasi​
Affiliation​​​​: Research Institute of Science & E​​​​​​ngineering​​​​​​​ 
Rank: Research Assistant
l: ​mabbasi@sharjah.ac.ae 
Tel: +(971) 6 5050431
Specialization: Masters Degree in Physics (Material Science & Nanotechnology), IIU Islamabad, Pakistan
Research Interests: ​
​Fabrication, Characterization & Application of Nanomaterials