• Admission Open for Fall Semester 2019-2018

  • UAE Hackathon winners from University of Sharjah

  • Creative English Writing

  • Jobs at University of Sharjah

  • 1st international conference of UOS branches

Goals & Objectives

  • Foster interdisciplinary research at the forefront of materials science.
  • Bring together motivated faculty and students in a highly collaborative research environment.
  • Educate scientists and engineers at the graduate and undergraduate levels in the broadly defined discipline of materials science.
  • Provide training opportunities for lab supervisors and technicians in different analytical techniques.
  • Engage the community by providing consulting and training services to municipalities, forensic labs, environmental agencies, museums, and the energy sector, among others.
  • Provide unique capabilities that are not usually accessible to the local industries. Petroleum, energy, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, cement and other building materials, are some of the industries that might benefit from such capabilities.
  • Enhance research collaboration efforts of UoS with universities and centers at the national and regional levels.​