• Professional Diploma Emergency Medical Technician

  • Admission Open for Fall Semester 2019-2018

  • Jobs at University of Sharjah

  • 1st international conference of UOS branches

Mission & Objectives
The Mission:
To carry out authentic, specialist, research studies, and reveal the achievements of heritage treasures.

Research Goals of the group:
The verification of a number of precious heritage works and their study.
  • To expose the strivings of past scholars in the fields of legal, historical and cultural studies.
  • The study of finer topics serving a particular specialist study.
  • Publication of the results of research in conference papers, authoritative magazines and reference books.
  • Automated results in electronic form to be supplied to readers via the world- wide-web.

    Community and University Research Services of the Group:
  • To supply ample authentic, reliable references.
  • Correction of some widespread misconceptions and removal of some doubts with reliable, factual studies.
  • Contribute to the service of heritage through study of manuscripts and their dissemination to benefit students of knowledge and researchers.
  • To supply ample factual materials to research for both professors and students of the university.
  • To provide assistance in support of university courses.