Our Team
  • Prof.Ibrahim Kamel
  • Director of Institute of Leadership in Higher Education/
  • Academic RankProfessor
  • Email:Kamel@sharjah.ac.ae
  • Tel:0097165057061
  • Fax:0097165057066
  • Specialization:Ph.D. in Computer science, University of Maryland, College Park, USA, 1994.
  • Research Interests:Database management systems, Information security, Indexing, Multimedia systems, Social network, Peer-to-Peer systems, Mobile, Sensor networking.
  • Dr.Mohamed EL Hassan Abdalla
  • Academic RankAssistant Professor
  • Email:melsayed@sharjah.ac.ae
  • Tel:0097165057062
  • Fax:0097165057066
  • Specialization:Medical Education.
  • Research InterestSocial Accountability, Accreditation , Assessment.
  • Mrs.Diona Sy
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Email:dsy@sharjah.ac.ae
  • Tel:0097165057061
  • Fax:0097165057066
Cooperating Team

Prof. Refaat Abdel-Razek
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Prof. Nabil Suliman
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Dr. Amal Hussein
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