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To inspire teaching excellence, inquiry and innovation among faculty and students of the UoS. The institute will strive for national and international prominence in higher education leadership, faculty development, innovation in higher education and research.


The ILHE fosters teaching and learning of the highest quality at the University of Sharjah. It differentiates itself in developing faculty competencies in higher education leadership, programmes and curriculum development, scholarly activities use, and generates best evidence in higher education.


The institute will have an all-embracing function that includes teaching, research, consultation and service provision in higher education. This will be achieved by:
1. Maintaining the  leadership position of the University of Sharjah in higher education with an aspiration towards international visibility.
2. Training of all faculty in the university in the full spectrum of the art and science of education
3. Providing expert support for innovation in higher education.
4. Nurturing the career of the academic staff and develop leaders in higher education nationally, regionally and internationally.
5. Advancing educational knowledge and practice through research and scholarly activities.


Strategic Direction:
1. Train all faculty in the university to acquire core competencies in teaching, learning, evaluation and leadership.
2. Support and maintain innovation in higher education.
3. Create, develop and support educational research.
4. Create national leaders in higher education.

Function and Scope:
A. Education and Teaching:   
The institute will be active in the full spectrum of higher education in undergraduate, graduate and continuing professional development for faculty and graduate students from inside the university, nationally and from the region.  The scope is broad, it includes but not limited to:   
• Developing faculty competencies to maximize their effectiveness as teachers, mentors, and leaders of educational programs.
• Training on active learning techniques, small group learning and effective lecturing.
• Innovative instructional design and evaluation.
• Introduce, develop and evaluate learning technology i.e. including simulation, e-learning etc.
• Curriculum development and program evaluation.
• Leading change and continue educational development i.e. mentoring, educational portfolio, etc.

B. Research:  
Creating a culture of educational research within the university and colleges by conducting research on innovation in teaching and learning and supporting faculty to publish research in education. 
Use published research and best evidence in higher education to guide educational practice, curriculum development, implementation and evaluation.

C. Consultation and Service:
Through its experienced faculty and staff, the institute will provide support to innovation in higher education and advice on change culture, program development, learning strategies and quality assurance service .