Seminar: Research and Publishing in Higher Education

Prof. Jeffrey Froyd 2 FEB 20173 PM

Seminar: Research and Publishing in Higher Education


Workshop Learning Outcomes

  • Selecting an appropriate area of scholarship.
  • Addressing review criteria.



   Scholarship in higher education is shifting and authors seeking to publish their work in higher education must be prepared to address increasing expectations for scholarship. The workshop first introduces expectations for scholarship in a developing field. Next, areas of scholarship are examples and three of the areas of scholarship proposed by Ernest Boyer are examined:

  • Scholarship of Discovery
  • Scholarship of Application
  • Scholarship of Integration.

   Third, participants in the workshop will explore how to address review criteria for each area of scholarship, e.g., relevance, intended outcomes, application/instructional design, and findings. Analysis of manuscripts submitted to the IEEE Transactions on Education over the past 30 months suggest that authors struggle with how to address these review criteria. The intent of the workshop is to help authors and potential authors prepare manuscripts that address the expectations for publishing scholarship in scientific education in the IEEE Transactions on Education.


Time:  90 mins                     Instructor: Prof. Jeffrey E. Froyd


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