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University of Sharjah Journal of Sharia and Law Sciences
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Volume 10

Number 1

Download ​Title ​Author Language
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​Imam Abu Ubaid’s Contribution to the Writing of the Qur’an
Ahmad Fares Alsalloom Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png​Importance of Collecting Manuscripts when Editing Hadith Books and their Selection Constraints

​Kassem Saad​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png​Editing and Examining: Muntakhab al-Darari fi khatm Sahih ALBukhari by Imam Tajudden Al-Qal’ie

​Abdelaty Elsharkawy​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png​The Rules of Guaranteeing a Grant in the Islamic Jurisprudence and the Jordanian Civil Law: A Comparative Study

​Qasem Mohmmad Al Hmoud

Anas Mustafa Abu Ata

20151205_566242c218cd9.png​Code of Ethics in Islam A Da’wa Study from a Cotemporary

Saud Aldousary​​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png​Purchasing Citizens’ Debts from the Perspective of Islamic
Jurisprudence and Legal Policy

​Jarrah Nayef AlfadhliArabic​
20151205_566242c218cd9.png​Conditions of Urgency Law before Administrative Judiciary and its Applications in the Basic Freedoms

​Musa Shahadeh​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png​The Rights of Crime Victims in International Law

​Wael Ahmed Allam​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png​Tax Cooperation through Exchange of Tax Related Information according to Tax Model Agreements: A Comparative Study​Mwaffaq Almahameed​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png​Transfer of Intellectual Property Rights to the Heirs in International Conventions

​Noor Issa Al-Hendi



Number 2 

Download ​Title ​Author Language
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​Quran Innovations as Ibn Ashoor Thinks in “Tahrir Wat-Tanwer” Fadi M. Al-Rayahneh Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png​The Inflexibility of Critics Regarding Hadith Narrators: Its Meaning, Causes, Measures and Results​Said M. Bawa’neh ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png​The Economic Approach in the Light of Sunnah​Ayman J. Al-Dury ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png​The Concept of Racism: Its Foundations and Treatment in Al-Nour Treatises by Bediuzzaman Said Al-Norsi ​Emad A. Shrefeen ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.pngThe Effects of Emergent Unlawful Transactions on the Resulting Profits in Stock Companies​Abbass A. Al-Baz ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png​Repurchase Agreement and its Islamic Alternatives​Yousef A. Alshubaily ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png​The Responsibility of the State for Executing Judicial and Administrative Decisions​Hocine Fridja ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png​Legality of Electronic Banking Transfer

​Tareq A. Kmail

Ehab M. Kmel

20151205_566242c218cd9.png​Maritime Piracy in International Law and International Applications Somalia: An Example​Zaid A. Zaid ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png​The legal Difficulties of Airplane Ownership and the Legal Constraints on the Real Estate Near Airport: An Analytic Comparative Study​Salih A. Aluhiby