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Issue 1


The Semiotics of Titling in the Poems of Yabous Collection by Ibrahim Mohamed Alwahch

Said Amouri


The Degree of Practicing Contemporary Teaching Strategies among Teachers of Islamic Education in the Governorates of Gaza and its Ways of Development

Fayez  Kamal  Shaladan \ Hamed Naeem Alqedra


The Role of the University in Developing the Values of Citizenship and their Representation by Students in Light of Globalization Challenges: a Field Study of a Sample of Students from Assiut and Sohag Universities

Hamdy Ahmed Omar Ali


Sheikh Hasan Salamah's Resistance and his Martyrdom Between 1945 and 1948: An Oral Documentary Study

Jamal Muhammad Ibrahim


The Kingdom of Judah between Destruction and Captivity in the Light of Biblical and Babylonian Narrations

Esam Kamal Mokhamar


Personality Types among Delinquent and Non-Delinquent Juveniles with Hearing Disabilities and their Relationship to some Variables

Ihsan Igdaifan Al-Seraa


The Factors that Affect Using E-banking Services Via the Internet from the Customers' Point of View: a Field Study in the Southern Region

Mohammad Ali khalil Alsmairat  / Raed Mohammad Aladaileh


Arabic for Specific Purposes: Content and Objectives

Fatima Mohammed Amin Omari


Eco-tourism in the Hail Region

Safa Soboh SababhI


Alternative Families in Jeddah City

Amal Suleiman Al-Somali


Coping with Stress Strategies and Their Relationship with the Psychological Security among a Sample of Intermediate and Secondary School Students with Visual Disabilities in Kuwait

Abdulnaser Abdulraheem Fakhro


Trends of Scientific Social Research in the UAE in 25 Years: An Analytical Study of the Journal of Social Affairs (1984 – 2008)

Mohamed Salah Eldin Mohamed Mudawi


Bruneian Students' Errors in Using the Definite and Indefinite Articles in Arabic Language: A Descriptive and an Analytical Study

Hajah Rafizah Haj Abdulla \ Basma Ahmed Sadqi


Management Accounting Relevance: Practice, Variance and Current Research Agenda

Nizar Mohammed Alsharari


Issue 2


Assessment of Vocational Guidance Needs of Gifted Students at the Secondary Level in the Kingdom of Bahrain from a Student Perspective

Adnan Mohamed Alqadhi  \ Mamoun Mohamoud Ghwanmeh


Assessing Plastic Arts Curricula in the Sultanate of Oman in the light of Visual Culture Concepts and Art Criticism Skills

Khawla Abdullah Al-Farsi \  Mohammed Hamood Al-Amri


Views of the Faculty Members of the University of Shaqra regarding Riotous Behaviour at the University Level and the Solutions Proposed to Reduce It

Sultan Nasser Alarif


Business Reengineering Obstacles and Future Aspirations to Overcome Them in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Jordan: a Prospective Study

 Eman Jameel Abdulrahman


The Impact of The Level of Employees' Silence on Organizational Memory: A Practical Study of the Company Potable Water and Sewage at  Menoufia Governorate

Ahmed Ebrahim Mousa


UAE University Students' Uses of and Perspectives on the Usage of Smart Tablets in the Educational Process

 Faouzia Abdullah Al Ali


The Interaction between Cultural Criticism, Critical Theories and the Plurality of Knowledge: a Study of the Major Concept

Nizar Jebril Alseoudi


The Effectiveness of a Program Encouraging the Participation of Parents in the Individual Educational Plan for the Improvement of Psychological Adaptation of Deaf Students

Fuad Eid AL-Jawaldeh


The Impact of Using e-Government on Improving the Quality of ElectronicallyPublished Financial Reports: A Case Study of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in Palestine

Abdurrahman Mohammed Rashwan


The Weapon of Burning Mirrors in the Writings of Muslim Historians between the Historical Text and the Popular Myth in the Middle Ages

Amr Abdul-Aziz Moneer


Lean Production Strategy According to Green Production Standards: An Exploratory Study in the Refnery of Al-Dura

Fadhiela Salman Dawood \ Ayesha Hamoudi Hashim


The Effect of a Counseling Program on Developing Some Life Skills to Reduce Anger and Increase Life-Satisfaction among Adolescents

 Abdullah Mohammed Bani Arsheed


The Aesthetics of Transformation of the Narrative Character: Zakariah Tamer as a Model

Basheir Ekaab Al Hajahjeh


The UAE Feminist Novel in the Light of Feminist Criticism (Mariam Al-Ghafi) as an Example

Ali Kamel Ali Al Sharef


Motivations and Determinants for Share Repurchases Activity according to the Opinion of Managers and Academics: the Case of Saudi Arabia

Salim Ali Alghamdi


The Personal Pronouns of The Mehri Language as Spoken in Saudi Arabia

Munira Ali Al-Azraqi