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University of Sharjah Journal for Humanities and Social Sciences
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Volume 11

Number 1 

Download ​Title ​Author Language
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Perceptions of School Administrators on the Educational Leadership Training Programs in Oman

Salim S. Al Ganboosi

Omer H. Ismail

20151205_566242c218cd9.png Equivalence Procedures for Culture-Specific Words and Their Application in the Arabic-English Dictionary Abdul-Fattah S. Abu-Saydeh ​English
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Internet Addiction Among University Students In Saudi Arabia An Analytical Study of Kimberly Young’s Diagnostic Questionnaire

Saad Bin A. Alrashid

20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​Implementation of Total Quality Management to Improve the Performance of Employees: a Field Study of Algerian Private Hospitals

Wafa S. Salih Al- Tamimi

Sid A. Hadj Aissa

20151205_566242c218cd9.png​​​​ ​​The Impact of Personal Traits on Leadership Behavior: A Field Study on a Sample of Leaders in the Iraqi Public Sector ​​Mohamad M. Alayasin ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png The Debt Structure in Small and Medium Establishments in Algeria ​Laib Y. Laib ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Glimpses From Holy Jerusalem Schools Through the Ottoman Legitimate Court of Jerusalem NO.152. This Refess to 13 Safar 1067 H -9 Safar 1068H Equivalent to 1st December 1656- 16th November 1657

Mohammad O. Khateeb

Ibrahim H. Rabayeh

20151205_566242c218cd9.png Promoting Tenth Grade Students’ Learning in Genetics with the Learning Cycle Salem A. Alkhawaldeh ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​The Efficacy of a Counseling Program in Treating Psychological Stress and Depression in a Sample of Diabetic Patients

Fatima E. Aladwan

Musa A. Jibril

20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​The Strengths Perspective: A New Contribution to Clinical Social Work

​Abdulaziz A. Albrithen



Number 2 

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20151205_566242c218cd9.png Islamic Architecture: Between Tradition and Aestheticism

Hassan Radoine

20151205_566242c218cd9.png Investigating the Accuracy of Estimation of a Three-Parameter Logistic Model of Item Parameter and Individuals’ Ability in Light of Test Length and Sample Size: Simulation Study

Zaid S. Bani Ata

20151205_566242c218cd9.png The Effectiveness of a Training Program in a Learning Resources Room in Developing Social and Emotional Skills of Learning-Disabled Students

Mohmad K. Alomran

Mohammed F. Al- Badarneh

20151205_566242c218cd9.png Cognitive Competencies and Skills of Teachers of Autistic Children in Jordan

Muhammad A. Mehidat

Qais I. Almeqdad

Rami A. Tashtoush

20151205_566242c218cd9.png Gharb Al-Andalus or Islamic Portugal and the city of Mértola in Arab Sources Houssem Eddine B.S. Chachia ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Attributing Poetry to poets: Examples from Anatar’a Poetry Ahmed A. T. Awad ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png The Treatment of the Electorinc Websites of Arab Newspapers’ of the Egyptian Elections: An Analytic Study o​f the Content of Al-Sharq Al-Awsat and Al-Hayat Newspapers Abdulsadek H. Abdulsadek ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Pragmatic Constraints on the Acceptability of Gram​matical Structure Ahmad H. Al Hassan ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png Social Media Sites Usage Among Students of Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University in Light of Psychological Loneliness and Tolerance

Latifah O. Ashaalan

Monira A. Almeqren

20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​A Training Proposal to Enhance the Professional Competencies of Kindergarten Female Teachers in South Batinah Province in Oman Hamda H. Al-saadi ​Arabic