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University of Sharjah Journal for Humanities and Social Sciences
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Volume 10

Number 1

Download ​Title ​Author Language
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​Northern Jordan Traditional Architecture during the 19th and 20th Century: An Ethno-archaeological Perspective Mahmoud Na’amneh
Ziedoun Al-Muhiesen
Muwafaq Bataineh
Hussien Deebajeh
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​Impact of Global Financial Crisis and other Determinants on Intellectual capital Disclosure in UAE Banks ​Magdi El-Bannany ​English
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​Is Translation an Art, Science or Both? ​Rafat Y. Alwazna ​English
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​The Characteristics of Arabic and English Legal Terminology in International Texts ​Sonia Asmahène HALIMI ​Arabic

​Palestinian Programme for Unemployment Subsidies and Temporal employment: A Field Study From The Bene
ficiaries Point of View In Tulkarm Governorate/ Palestine

​Omer Abu-aeideh

Ms. Salameh Salem

20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​The Attitudes of the Youth toward the Culture of Self-Employment: A Field Study in Jeddah city ​Mushabab G.H. Alasmari ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​The Impact of Using Strategic Information Systems on Strategic Performance as Perceived by the Employees in the Units of Telecommunications and Information Technology Ministries in Jordan ​Amal Yassin Almajali ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​Forms of Bullying and their Relationship to Psychological Security and Emotional Support

​Shiraz Subihat

Adnan Atoum

20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​ormative Rules of Grammaticalization between Ibn Jinni and Ibn Hisham: A Theoretical and Applied Study ​Hanan Ahmed Rajihi

20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​The Impact of the Dramatic Characteristics of Artificial Lighting on the Efficiency of Exhibition in Sharjah Museums ​Abdul Samad Al Khalidi ​Arabic


Number 2 

Download ​Title ​Author Language
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​Effective Dictionary Use & Academic Performance

Suad R. Al Majali

20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​A Benchmarking Analysis of University League Tables Using the AHP Based on Students’ Perception: UAE Case Mohamed S. M. Salem ​English
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​The Effect of a Sport Rehabilitation Program on Psychological and Kinesthetic Parameters among Drug Addicts

Ahmed S. Bataineh

Hussain H. Abu-Alruz

Mohammad A. Al-Noaimi

20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​The Effect of Recovery Strategies in Service Failure Handling on Patients’ Satisfaction in Jordanian Hospitals

Emad Y. Masoud

Basel F. Krech

20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​Favored Thinking Methods of Secondary Stage Students in Light of the Variables of Sex and Academic Stream Abdel Lattf A. Momani ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​The Impact Of a Training Program on Developing the Social Responsibility of the Youth, Using the Social Networking Site: Facebook Ellar Youth Council: An Example Hussni M. Awad ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​The Level of Information Awareness of the Deaf Adults In His Highness Prince Ali Ibn Al-Hussein Club in Irbid and It​s Relation with Some Variables Ayman Y. Abdallah ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png The Motivations for Auditors to Provide Non-Audit Services (NAS): Field Study in Syria Mouzneh A. AlRifai ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​Mahathir Muhammed and the Asian Renaissance Values Samir A. Obeidi ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​The Sultan’s Harem in Anatolia During Seljuk’s Era: Involvement in Politics and Cultural Achievements Fatima Y. Al- Rbabidi ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​Tendencies for Violence Against Doctors in Public Jordanian Hospitals: An Attempt to Understand this Phenomenon in light of the Doctor’s Role Mohammed A. Al-hourani ​Arabic
20151205_566242c218cd9.png ​Jerusalem Revelations in Modern Palestinian Poetry Ibrahim N. Mousa ​Arabic