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UoS Hosts Third ‘Under the Palm Trees Shade’ Fine Arts Festival

​6 March 2018

Under the patronage and in presence of H. E. Prof. Hamid M.K. Al Naimiy, Chancellor of the University of Sharjah (UoS), the UoS College Studio organized the Third 'Under the Palm Trees Shade' Fine Arts Festival at the Women's College. The event aims to develop the visual culture of the students and improve their artistic and aesthetic taste in various fields such as painting, photography and graphic design by hosting a number of visual artists and national art and culture institutions, art workshops and galleries and hosting free painting competition and art bazar.

Present at the opening ceremony were, Dr. Salah Taher, Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs, Dr. Salama Al Rahoomi, Dean of Women's Student Affairs, and a number of directors and heads of departments, members of the teaching and administrative bodies, and students.

The festival featured two art exhibitions. The first exhibition, titled 'Journey of a Color', is part of the Visual Artists program, which aims to highlight the role of artists and connects them with the academic community and equip the students with expertise through their showcased works. Some of the artists include: Prof. Kholoud Al Jabri, Dr. Mohammed Yusuf, Prof. Mahmoud Al Hasan, Prof. Sumayia Abdulqadir Al Rayyis, Prof. Falia Abu Alfadel, Prof. Saad Al Jedd, Prof. Basem Al Sayier, Prof. Ahmad Al Falasi, Prof. Khalid Shahin, Prof. Nada Al Hashemi, and Prof. Farah Al Yusuf.

The second exhibition titled 'Pending Innovations' included the participation UoS students: Lina Al Malek (College of Fine Arts and Design), Safa Zakaria Al Shamaani (College of Medicine), Fayza Sadiq (College of Health Sciences), Dana Ajlan (College of Fine Arts and Design), Huda Abdullah Al Zaabi (College of Sciences), Rana Salah (College of Medicine), Rozan Awad (College of Engineering), and Nuha Essam Amran (College of Engineering).

On the sidelines of the exhibitions, the Festival featured art workshops pavilion comprising: watercolors workshop, models workshop, pin and wash workshop, graffiti workshop using palm fronds, garment painting workshop, and other workshops such as, Islamic decoration workshop, Arabic calligraphy workshop, origami and boxes workshop.

At the end of the day, names of the winners of the free painting competition were announced and honored. Participating entities were also honored.  

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