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Innovative Solutions & Technologies Featured at UoS College of Engineering Student Graduation Projects

​10 December 2017

Prof. Elsiddig Ahmed El-Mustafa El Sheikh, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, opened the annual Graduation Projects Fair of the College of Engineering for the Fall Semester 2017, with participation of various departments.

The fair displayed around 60 research projects of graduate students. Designs of educational and residential buildings were among the projects featured at the fair, as well as development ideas of public facilities, and sustainable environment solutions, adding aesthetics to modern technologies in building design. The top three projects were chosen by an expert jury. The first position was won by "Smart Attitudes by People of Determination": titled "My Area", by Kawthar Al-Hamadi and Fatima Al-Shamsi – Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. The project is a design of a mobile radar for people of determination that reads a special card to allow them to park. If any unauthorized vehicle parks in their spot, the device releases a sound alarm for 30 seconds and the vehicle is then fined. It also comes with a smart application that provides people of determination with information on available parking areas and the ability to reserve parking spots ahead of time. "Organic Transparent Solar Cells Design" by Marwa Ali Abdul Qadir, Noura Hussein Al-Hamadi and Rafi'a Ali Al-Ali - Sustainable & Renewa ble Energy Engineering Department – won the second position. Their project focused on offering solar cells that can be used in modern buildings to produce energy.

In the third position, a highway design connecting Ithen at RAK and Al-Hilla at Fujairah by Raghda Karkanawi, Dana Shouman, Marah Abdul Kareem, Lubna Obaid, Hala Al-Qadi, and Shahd Hamid – Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. The modern design proposes a road connecting Ras Al-Khaimah with Al Fujairah, taking advantage of the natural terrain to avoid obstacles at a relatively low cost.

The opening was attended by, Dr. Salah Taher, Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs, accompanied by Prof. Nidal Hilal, Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Walid A. Metwally, Vice Dean of College Of Engineering, and a number of members of the administrative and teaching bodies, and students.

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