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Fraser Stoddart Conveys His Experience and Achievements in a Visit to UoS

​6 December 2017

Prof. Sir Fraser Stoddart, the Nobel Prize winner in chemistry in 2016, visited the University of Sharjah, to present the latest breakthroughs in the field of molecular machines and nanotechnology by providing two invaluable lectures to members of the academic body and UoS students. Titled "Modern Applications in Nanoscience and Supramolecular Chemistry" and "My Journey to Stockholm", reveal Sir Fraser Stoddart's achievements and contributions in this field. The lectures also included discussions to reply to the audience's questions and inquiries.

In addition to receiving the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Sir Fraser Stoddart also received several world awards for his distinguished scientific contribution such as, the Albert Einstein World Award of Science (2008), and was appointed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as a Knight Bachelor (2007), and received the Royal Medal (2010).

Furthermore, Sir Fraser Stoddart contributed in designing and manufacturing some of the most important molecular machines. His history spans over 50+ years of research and innovation in the field of molecular engineering and nanotechnology. He published over 1100+ research, supervised over 400 postgraduates, and has more than 30+ patents. 

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